10 Super Smart Life Hacks That Every Super Mom Should Know About

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Get excited because 10 super smart life hacks that every super mom should know about are here! How many frustrated mothers welcome tips, hacks, advice and such? Most busy moms cherish anything that will make the day a little easier, simpler or eliminate a lot of time that could be spent with a child or infant.What is more, a few thoughtful things that mothers do are keep back certain toys, clothes, blankets, books or other items that kids may want when they are grown and on their own. A reminder of past events, memory can instantly bring back thoughts or feelings perhaps recalled another way, by touching a familiar, hearing a sound, seeing a person, tasting a food. The senses remain the same, almost as if it happening right now.

That said, keepsakes can be comforting to people, so, it is important if a mom can save these wonderful treasures of a time past when mothering was young. These hacks can be very useful and someday the kids can use their own creativity to do this for their kids.

(1)For a teething baby, freeze an ice cube tray that contains applesauce, smashed pears, strained fruits and naturally sweet is the way to go with young babies and toddlers. Put a frozen block of fruit on a spoon and let him suck on it. His lips will become numb easily and the pain will disappear. For the time being, baby and mama are happy.

(2)Another teething trick that mom can delight baby with is to place a teaspoon in a thin washcloth or other material. Lay a wet cloth down and put the fruit in the middle. Fold it over and then twist it up. It can be frozen or not, and baby is given the cloth to suck on

(3)Keep a box of top favorite clothes of the child as he grows up. It is particularly delightful to have started this in infancy all the way to adulthood. Cut and keep large squares and sew each square to the next until there is a blanket of mementos. this can be made into a quilt also.

(4)Take an empty water bottle and put a few pennies in it. Now the bottle has become a rattle for babies and a shaking musical instrument as well for older kids.

(5)Make pillows from first sweater outfit. babies usually outgrow sweater sets fast, and they still are new. They make a wonderful cover for a small pillow any shape.

(6)Under the high chair, place a plastic tablecloth folded over and folded again, to make a blanket underneath for all the food that may drop while the tyke is eating.

(7)With flip flops that the strap has come out of the hole, place a square, plastic tag with a hole in the center on the bottom of the shoe around the strap that has slipped out. These can be found on loaves of bread to seal them.

(8)Give kids some blocks that are wood that has been cut, sanded down and varnished for the child. Names or pictures

(9)Put a large poster up on the frig that has 100 positive messages for the children who will read it. This is an awesome tool that parents can give the kids. Things listed such as “You are worthy of…”, “Do your best because it will be grand!”, or “You are amazing!”.

(10)Use old telephone books to rip out the pages for making paper mache. Flour and water make the paste and it is something that youths can have fun making. Strips are dipped in water and then the paste made with flour. The pieces are then laid on whatever container, such as a milk carton cut in half. Make masks for Halloween, dishes and so much more. Look this one up under crafts.

A reminder of past events, memory can instantly bring back thoughts or feelings perhaps recalled another way, by touching a familiar, hearing a sound, seeing a person, tasting a food. The senses remain the same, almost as if it happening right now.

These hacks can be very useful and someday the kids can use their own creativity to do this for their kids.

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The Best Ways to Raise a Low Media Child without Feeling like You Will Get Crazy

Allowing your toddler too much time to be on TV can be very harmful and affect the toddler physical and mental development. Too much time on screen is not good for kids at an older age and even for you as an adult. A lot of toddlers are giving their parents a tough time because of conditions such as obesity, ADHD other kids have a problem with cognitive and language development.
Among the reasons as to why the modern toddlers have all the time to be on screen is because many parents are not committed to parenting and even sometimes give an excuse of being too tired. For a parent to provide sufficiently and quality care to a small kid who is growing a lot of patience and energy is required, and this is what many modern parents don’t understand. Instead of paying attention to the infant some parents spend a lot of time alone, and the only companion left for the baby is the screen this is a very harmful way of parenting, and this affects the kid future even how the child relates to people. A little time on television will not be detrimental to your child but leaving the kid on screen all the time will be very harmful. It is very prudent for any parent to avoid too much TV and any means of electronic entertainment and have quality time with the little kids. For you to be a better parenting, there is a way in which you can have media free child without having to lose your mind at all, and this is how.
Self-Directed Play
This is a play that the kid chooses and directs this makes the child more independent even in decision-making processes later in future. The self-play also will make being with your baby less demanding the kid will have more time to explore and understand things alone, and you will not necessarily be required to be the entertainment for the child. This is going to be a real relief for you as a parent who has been getting tired of paying a lot of attention to the kid but don’t forget to keep an eye on the toddler so that he/she does not engage in an activity that will be harmful. While your child is exploring alone you as a parent will have time to attend to house chore or read emails that you couldn’t have a chance to read. The self-directed play does a lot of good to your kid it will make the infant more confident, increase social and emotional health, make the child more creative and give the kid skills that will help him/her solve problems in life. Such benefits to your baby can not be got from watching TV. When a kid is looking at a lot of TVs reduces the kid desire to discover and explore new things and this results in having a child who can not even create networks in future or relate with people well. Phones and tablets too are also not good, and they will also discourage your kid from engaging in self-directed play. Many people are stuck on how to have their children participate more in self-directed play, and this is how to do it.
Put Off the Television
Making sure that your toddler does not watch TV is the first step to making sure that the baby is engaging in self-play for most of the times. As I highlighted earlier when your infant spends a lot of time on TV, he/she will not have any interest to engage in self-play, and the kid will miss all the benefits that come with it. TV for kids who are under the age of two is not healthy at all and for kids who are older than that they should have between 1-2 hours of TV each day.
Design a Secure and Involving Environment
The context in which you are leaving your kid to play in should be safe completely this will allow you to put your attention to other things. Setting aside a portion of room in your house for the kid to engage in play will be an easy way to ensure that the area is safe for the child. It can also be splendid if you as parent close all the rooms that could be unsafe for the kid and if you could have space outdoor that would be even great.
Your child’s play area should be well organized this will ensure that your child will be neat and focused from an early age. Toys that the kid uses to play should be put on baskets that are not too big, and it’s not good to buy your baby so many toys this will make the infant feel overwhelmed. When purchasing toys try to understand the interest of your child and buy toys related to that this will help the kid to develop the interest and it would help her later in life. The pay chairs and tables should be of the same size with the kid this will assist the toddler to focus better on his/her activities. The toys that the child uses should be able to make the kid more creative and enhance self-discovery. If you follow these guidelines parenting will be more fun, and you will never feel like you will lose your mind.


Mother Hacks to save Time with getting children ready for school

Getting children ready for school and out the door can be challenging. It seems that no matter how much you try, you are always racing against the clock.
However, there are some things you can do to ease the hustle and get the kids out the door on time.

Here are some of our favorite hacks and tips.

The night before is almost more important than the morning. It is so important to do everything possible the night before, when you aren’t so pressed for time.
Lunches should always be prepared the night before. Be sure to leave on a shelf in the fridge where the child can reach. Have your child fall into the routine of putting his or her lunch box into their book bag themselves. All clothes should be laid out for the child to wear. Make sure you know if your son or daughter has gym or another elective that they need to be prepared for. Even lay out socks and underwear so there is no searching in the mornings. Again have everything within reach so they can easily get themselves ready in the morning. This puts the burden off of you and gives them the routine and responsibility that they desire. Have breakfast laid out and ready to go the night before. You can even go as far as pouring the milk and juice and leaving the cups in the fridge.
Last but not least make sure the child’s backpack has their homework and everything else they will need for the next day already in there.

Ease into the morning
Of course it will all depends on the demeanor of the child, but for those kids that aren’t exactly morning people help them ease into the new day. Technology has come a very long way and can help you with this routine. You can use “smart lights” that can be set on a timer and will fade in for a specified length of time. Set the lights for 15 minutes before you would normally have them wake up so that at the time they are supposed to be awake the light is on to full brightness. This helps to avoid those cranky mornings of being jolted out of bed. Open the bedroom door so that they can hear you making coffee and watching the news in the other room. Soft music can also be played to help ease them into the day. You know your children best, if your son or daughter is hungry in the morning have their breakfast already on the table for when they come to the table. If they are not usually hungry then let them sleep in a little longer and just rest before rising.

Organization is probably one of the most important steps to preparing kids for school behind preparation Things should be in the same place every day, the children will know where to find them and won’t have to search when they are in a hurry. If you have more than one child make sure their wall hooks are labeled so that they can just grab and go with no mistakes. Everything should be kept in the same place, shoes and jackets should be right by the door. Backpacks and lunches should always be in the same place as well, right by the door so that is the last thing they take before leaving the house.

Follow a Routine
A routine is key for a smooth morning. Children love routine and it will help you to easily adjust to any changes. Make sure that you stick to this routine, you will avoid surprises along the way. Besides, who really likes surprises first thing in the morning anyways? Be sure that you allow your children to do as much as possible on their own. Make everything accessible for them.

Of course every family and every routine is different. The key is to understand how your family operates and adjust that routine accordingly. Always giving into your child’s needs is not good, but sometimes in the morning it is necessary. Find out what stops them from following the routine you have set forth and see if you can correct that. For instance if your child is cold in the morning and does not want to get dressed, put their clothes in the dryer. You can set the dryer for a certain time and have them get dressed when the buzzer goes off. This is great so you don’t constantly have to ask, but they will want to do so quickly to make sure their clothes are still warm.

Nothing is worse than having a morning when everything goes wrong. Following these simple hacks to can provide some early morning peace.