#GlutenFree #GF Organic cupcakes with cream cheese frosting jojoandeloise.com
#kermit the frog polymer clay tutorial on how to make Jewelry jojoandeloise.com
boys polka dot bow tie with sweet evelyn designs and jojoandeloise.com
eShakti fashion for the Modern Girl with Classic Style jojoandelosie.com

Monster Slime Jars

party in a jar jojoandeloise.com

Monster Slime Jars. Throwing a Party any time soon? Even if your not. I have the most Adorable and Creative book to share with you. My dear friend Vanessa, from See Vanessa Craft, has just come out with her FIRST book, Party in a Jar! I am so thrilled to be a part of  Vanessa's  Super Fun, book tour and so proud of her accomplishment. Party in a Jar is chalk full of CUTE, SIMPLE and FUN  ideas. Whether you are throwing a party, planning a craft day or just looking for Unique Gift ideas. … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

#GlutenFree #GF Organic cupcakes with cream cheese frosting jojoandeloise.com

Gluten Free Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. I remember one Classroom party  in particular. I was in the 6th grade and it was one of my classmates birthday. In typical BIRTHDAY fashion, her mom showed up during the school day, bearing Delicious Birthday treats for the whole class to enjoy. I will NEVER forget seeing these UH-MAZING cupcakes, they looked just like, REAL ice cream cones! WHAT!?!?! I was so perplexed at how my friends Mom, got these CUPCAKES into the Ice Cream Cones. I just had to know … [Read more...]

Kermit the Frog Polymer Clay Jewelry

#kermit the frog polymer clay tutorial on how to make Jewelry jojoandeloise.com

The MUPPETS!!! Who doesn't LOVE the Muppets. We are HUGE Muppet fans ( Especially the Vintage ones ) with the new release of  Disney's, Muppets Most Wanted movie. We wanted to share with you, how to make Kermit the Frog, Polymer Clay Jewelry to wear and get you in the Muppests Most Wanted Mood. So FUN, Right!?!? Now, unfortunately, the Sad truth is, I STINK at working with Polymer Clay. However, I am so thankful my Son LOVES to and enjoys making pieces to share. You will want to … [Read more...]

Little Boy Blue, Bow Tie

boys polka dot bow tie with sweet evelyn designs and jojoandeloise.com

Little Boy Blue, Bow Tie. Okay!! So maybe that's not actually the name of this Bow Tie.  But with this CUTE little guy all dressed in BLUE, I couldn't help but think of that. Don't you just LOVE it, when you discover new Businesses?  So FUN, right?!?! A SWEET friend of mine has a SWEET daughter, who just opened up an ETSY shop. Chelsea named the business after her daughter Evelyn, who is her JOY and INSPIRATION! She sells custom made Baby, Toddler and Kids items. One of those items is, … [Read more...]

eShakti Dress Review

eShakti fashion for the Modern Girl with Classic Style jojoandelosie.com

I received product compensation for this post. But, all opinions are 100% mine  eShakti Dress Review. Beautiful Dresses! That's exactly what eShakti has. I have seen and heard of eShakti through other bloggers and have always wanted to try them out. The RAVE reviews and the styles they offered was so enticing.  Even more than that was the OPTIONS they give you. Collars, length of dress, Style of sleeves at your specific measurements and your particular style.  With all this goodness, I … [Read more...]

How to Paint Glass Vases

Paint me #Spring bud vases jojoaneloise.com

  Doesn't that sound LOVELY! To be painted the colors of Spring.   Spring is here and I couldn't be happier. Spring is my most FAVORITE of ALL Seasons. Everything about it makes me LOVE it. New life, Perfect Temperatures, Family Vacations, Planting Gardens and Beautiful Colors. Just the thought of these things, makes me so HAPPY! So how about we do some simple Spring crafting/decorating. I found these Glass Bud Vases at Michaels. With my handy coupon I paid just over $5.     I … [Read more...]

How to make a Hot Air Balloon Applique

Diy Hot air ballon applique jojoandeloise.com

 How to make a Hot Air Balloon Applique. Applique is one of my favorite things to do. I love being able to create an image or picture, out of piecing fabric together. There is something so Fun and Challenging about it. When the kids were smaller I use to Applique practically everything they wore. I find myself doing it less and less these days. So piecing this Hot Air Balloon together was a lot of fun. Applique is a lot like putting together a puzzle. Maybe that's why I like it so much, I LOVE … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Rainbow Carrot Muffin Cake

#glutenfree Glutino muffin mix carrot cake jojoaneloise.com

Gluten Free Rainbow Carrot Muffin Cake. We are loving all the Fresh Organic Vegetables that are coming into season. Especially these Rainbow Carrots, they are so Beautiful to look at and they are even Sweeter to eat. So far we have been enjoying them on their own, in Salads and even pickled. We had an extra box of Glutino's Muffin Mix in our pantry. We were just about to make some basic muffins when the thought hit, Why not make a Rainbow Carrot Muffin Cake. The thought alone sounded … [Read more...]

Earthpaste All Natural Toothpaste

earthpaste jojoandeloise.com

Earthpaste All Natural Toothpaste. I never considered, toothpaste, being unsafe. I always assumed, only the BEST ingredients, went into conventional, store bought toothpaste. I mean, if the Dentist uses it, then SURELY! I should too. RIGHT?!?!?! As time has gone on,  I have taken our families Health and Wellness a lot more SERIOUS. I know that Toothpaste, might seem very Insignificant to you, on the level of overall Health but Oral Hygiene plays a BIGGER role than you might think. You can … [Read more...]