How To Make A Mason Jar Pin Cushion

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This is what I shared…

A Mason Jar Pin Cushion… So how about we get started!!

1.) You will need ( of course a mason jar and lid ), Heavy Cardstock.. 2.) Trace around your lid on your paper. 3.) Cut out

 Choose the Fabric that you will use. I went with a Japanese Linen Print that I purchased awhile back on ETSY.

Take your Cardstock Circle and Place it on your Fabric of choice cut a square around it… Giving enough room to stuff and fold over later.

 Take your Fabric Square and Place it on the Bottom side of your Mason Jar RING… And STUFF!!

 1.) Place the lid inside the ring.  2-3.) Adjust and Straighten out your fabric getting rid of any wrinkles. 4.) Trim off excess fabric

( VERY important to get it close… You don’t want it to bulky with fabric that your Mason Jar Lid won’t Seal)

DISCLAIMER… :) I forgot to get photos of the gluing with the trimmed piece so I had to FAKE it…

Using your Hot Glue Gun… Place some glue on your lid pulling the fabric Tightly down as you go around. When you are finished gluing down your fabric. Place some Glue on the top and put your Cardstock Paper in it’s place…

 And there you have it Folks… A SWEET little Mason Jar Pin Cushion…That you have just made all by yourself…

 Ready and Waiting to be filled with some Pretty little things… I filled this one with some Buttons

 Ready to be given away as a Gift!!


BEST of all… There can be One for Me and One for You!!!


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  1. i saw this over there- it is just so cute! you have such a knack for pretty textiles and colors!

  2. donna marie says:

    This is cute! It looks so easy to make! Thanks for sharing! =]

  3. I’m waiting for GONE FISHING part 2….That sweet little baby better not be in jail!!! LOL or Auntie Carol will be bailing him out!!

  4. I love those mason jar pin cushions… and yet I have not made one! When I do, you bet I’ll be right here. :)

  5. Cute! I’ve got lots of mason jars.

  6. I’m going to make one (or more) of these. I really love the idea of filling it with buttons. That’s really cute AND practical.

  7. Oh! This is adorable!! My daughter and I will both probably make one.

  8. so very cute! we are pin cushion-making sisters! :)

  9. That is really sweet, Angelina! I will have to try one of these out. Love using the jars themselves for supplies of some sort like those buttons.

  10. Angelina these are beautiful. Between the choice of fabric and the pearl buttons…I am in love…smiles…Renee

  11. as absolutely adorable as it was in your guest post!!! i just love it!!!! hugs…

  12. So pretty!!! I just make have to make a few.

  13. BEST tutorial EVER! I really want to try this! I’ve got all the materials so when I get chance I’ll give it try! Thanks for sharing this! Once again, your pictures are fab! Maybe someday mine will be too! =)

  14. Your pin cushion looks great. I love your idea. Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. This is incredibly adorable! Can’t wait to make one thanks to your great tutorial!

    Take care,

  16. I’ve seen a lot of pincushion lately…but I LOVEEEEE yours! the color n the tutorial….absolutely gorgeous and perfect!

  17. Oh that is just way too cute! I really need to make one of those as soon as I get my little office together. Thanks for such an excellent tutorial! Officially on my to-do list!

  18. Another fun link up! Thanks so much for partying with us!! Karah

  19. Cutest pincushion ever… I am sold. Will become a follower in 5 seconds :)


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