DIY Dish Towel Skirt….

I was on the HUNT for some RED items needed for another photo shoot…


Of course where do you go when you need FUN and CUTE things at a DECENT price…??

You go to…

Home Goods

I didn’t go out Looking or Needing dish towel’s ( I was looking for Dishes )

But if your at Home Goods going down EVERY isle is a MUST!!!!

And the moment I saw these ADORABLE Dish Towels I new INSTANTLY what I wanted  to do with them… That is if I could find enough.. I FRANTICALLY began digging through ALL the Dish Towels on the Rack and Grabbed them up once I spotted one…. Then it was like a MOVIE moment… Just as my Hand reached for the LAST one another Hand came out of NO WHERE and Just Barely Grabbed my hand as she was reaching for the SAME towel….

She was a VERY sweet lady and said,

“Well, it looks like you WIN… ”  okay now tell me if I didn’t feel bad… I felt like I was HOARDING all these Dish Towels

FOUR total… But it Felt VERY much that way when Two other Ladies come around the Corner and Spot these Dish Towels in my Cart and ask me if there is any more….

So REALLY this post should be called,

The Dish Towel Skirt that almost WASN’T!!

I came So VERY VERY close to handing out my Dish Towels to these ladies… But the BLOG must go on… So I left will all 5 Dish Towels in my Cart… Oh the 5th one is REALLY cute as well but was a Different design… They were eyeballing that one as well…

For this skirt I used Four Dish Towels

So here is what I did…

Place the Right Sides of your Dish Towels together and Sew

Even though these were ALL the Same Dish Towel… They were uneven and didn’t match up…. I made sure to get the Bottoms Matched up as best as I could….

HHHMMMM!!! I wonder if this why they are at Home Goods..??

After Sewing ALL your Dish Towels together Even Up  the Top of your skirt

And.. Gather

Using some Matching Linen I cut 2 strips 3.5 wide

( cut according to waist size and the width of waist band you would like )

Sew right sides together at top and turn and press On the bottom of the waist band turn edges in about 1inch being sure they are even and match up on both sides

Begin pinning your waist band in place

I decided to go with an Invisible Zipper… I only had this 12-14 in size  on hand…so I shortened it so that the opening wouldn’t be so LONG

I finished with sewing  my Zipper in place

And there you have it…

My  New

I LOVE it!!!!

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  1. Such a clever idea! You are amazing! You do realize this, don’t you!!!!!!

  2. I heart the hearty dish towel skirt! I had dish towel curtains in my kitchen for the longest time, and loved them, but this skirt is even cuter! I love the red Mary Janes too!

  3. Wow.. That is just super cute..

  4. Oh, so happy and festive for Valentines Day. I love it. I betcha your Aunt Carol will say your head got cut off again, LOL! I think that’s so cute everytime I read her comments.

  5. That is so cool! Now you have me thinking I need to go looking for dishtowels… whatever will my husband think?! lol By the way, did you use 4 or 5 dishtowels to make it? (You said you had 5 in your cart…)

    • I used 4 dish towels for the Skirt… the 5th one was another Valentines one but different I was going to incorporate it but decided not to… Thank you so much for stopping in and your Sweet comment :)

  6. Now that was clever. Cutest skirt I ever did see!

  7. I swear, Angelina, you blow me away with your creations! Who would have thought? Dishtowels! I love it!

    • AAAHHHH!!!! thank you Kathy for the Sweet Comment… I know Crazy Huh!!!! but the moment I saw them with those cute little borders on them I knew I wanted to make them into a skirt… :)

  8. That is absolutely adorable!! I love it, and I’m glad you scored with the dish towels. I couldn’t agree more, by the way, about having to walk down every aisle when I’m there. I just wish there were one closer than an hour away.

    • Thank you Debbie for the Sweet comment… YIKES!!! an hour away… That’s TERRIBLE… I couldn’t handle being an hour away from home goods… :)

  9. soooo darling & I’m in TOTAL love with those red shows – mmm love em!

  10. Oh my goodness! I LOVE your skirt!!! Thank you so much for the tutorial, my daughter is always having me make her skirts for each holiday and this is such a cute idea.

    BTW, I love those shoes, would you mind telling me the brand?

    • Oh thank you and the Possibilities are endless with all the ADORABLE dish towels out there…. Yes, aren’t those shoes Adorable… I LOVE them.. they are made by Franco Sarto… I bought them a few years back..

  11. Um…I have to go to Home Goods today for anything too…I will never look at a dish towel the same. This is beautiful! And yes you are amazing I must attest to that. Genius. Smiles…Renee

  12. You are the cutest stinkin’ thing I have ever known and I am in LOVE with your skirt – I’m glad no one got hurt during the Home Goods dash for the dish towels, and I’m even more glad that you came out the winner. Girl, I just don’t know what to do with you and all your artistic talent. Hugs ~ Mary

  13. ahhhh!!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee it!!!! DOnt be surprised if i do something with this tomorrow!!!! 😉 hehehe

  14. What a wonderful idea. It is beautiful!!

  15. hard to believe that’s made from dishtowels, it’s absolutely darling! your sweet styling in the photographs only elevates the darlingness quota by about 1,000. love, love your red mary janes.


  16. Oh my goodness how CUTE! I’m not a “red” girl but I love this and would totally wear it! Your shopping experience sounds exactly like ALL of mine! Seriously, it’s terrible! And why I prefer shopping online! Because there is always a hand that tries to grab what I’m looking at. So frustrating! Whatever happened to personal space while shopping? People just don’t care anymore and they will seriously snatch things out of your hand. Yes, shopping is NOT my thing…hehe.

  17. So cute! Funny story!

  18. SO cute and as ALWAYS your photos are ADORABLE!!!!!!

  19. Sooooooooo cute love it!

  20. Oh, what a great idea!

    I totally love how it turned out.

    Thank you for sharing.

  21. ARE YOU KIDDIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I miss my machine so bad! What kind of moron knocks her machine off the counter?

    I love that skirt but I might even fight you for those shoes!!!!
    Love it darling!
    SO GLAD you are on board!!!!!
    Parisienne Farmgirl

    • LOL!!! Oh I am so glad that you like it… To bad were not closer to one another I would let you borrow one of my machines… And you could SEW SEW SEW!!!! :) Aren’t those shoes ADORABLE!!! :) I am Happy to be on Board as well!!! :)

  22. I love Home Goods too. You are so clever and creative. I just love you skirt.

  23. Really cute.

  24. Oh my goodness could this be any cuter? I don’t think so, I love this skirt so much!!!!!

  25. Super cute skirt.

  26. You are darling – the skirt AND the shoes are super adorable!

  27. If I had a Home Goods near by, I would be racing out the door right now! Great skirt! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  28. Wow! Simply amazing! I love it! I just started my link party and would love for you to add your project! Smiles, Jill

  29. WOW! This is adorable!! Such a cute idea!

  30. so very cool my friend!!! : ) (hugs)

  31. Tara@Tales of a Trophy WIfe says:

    Such a fun project. I’d love for you to link this up to my party. You get a chance to win 3 Sew Sweet patterns just for linking up.

  32. Lovely skirt, great idea!!!!!

  33. How cute it that!?! I love it!

  34. Hi, Angelina

    I love your skirt. It’s just lovely. I found your lovely blog from Katherine’s corner and I love looking around your lovely blog. I am a new follower. I would love for you to stop by


  35. Beautiful! And so creative! I’d love for you to consider linking this up to my “Drab to Fab” party going on right now at my blog. We celebrate turning the ordinary into extraordinary using a little creativity. You embodied that theme in this post, so come on over and share!

    Have a great weekend!


  36. I love this! So cute! I saw this on Skip to My Lou I would love it if you would share this with our readers too for Fun Stuff Fridays!

  37. Only you my talented friend, would see tea towels and think aha, I will make a skirt! You are awesome.I think it’s ” sew” cute Thank you for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky party. Sending Happy Weekend Wishes! .xo

  38. Wow – I am in love with your skirt. I featured it on my TT&J Facebook page :)


  39. Wow, so cool – I love it! I’m a new Linky Follower…hope you will follow me too!
    Have a great weekend,

  40. Wow!
    Ruby Jean that is the CUTEST skirt EVER! I can hardly believe that it came from dish towels. You are a genius! Thank you for this awesome tutorial and for sharing it on The Country Homemaker Hop!!!

  41. You make the cutest things and take the best photos. So glad you beat the other lady to the towel. Following you through Linky.

    • LOL!!! me too… I wouldn’ of had a Skirt had she gotten there first… YIKES!!! thank you for the Sweet compliments as well.. :)

  42. This is an adorable skirt! Would love it if you came by and linked up to my Manic Monday Linky Party!

  43. I can’t believe I missed this!! Too cute……OOPs you need someone a little taller to take your pictures, so they can get you completely in the frame!

    Auntie Carol

  44. What a fantastic skirt! I won’t look at dish towels the same again. :)

    Take care,
    (visiting from Creative Things Thursday – link #18)

  45. Oh this is darling! I’m pinning this and then going to find some cute St Pat’s one to make a skirt for my daughter! Thank you for sharing. :)

  46. I heart your blog :o) and I really really love your skirt! Thank you SO much for linking up!!!!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  47. You are too cool. I am spending all my spare time on your blog! I am learning how to sew. I hope I get as good as you one day.


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