New Year, New Things!


A New Year often brings, New things!

I have always been a bit on the technically challenged side of life. Okay!! More like, A LOT!! During computer class in school, I was the girl who tried to get the computer the FURTHEST away from the teacher so that way I could, Doodle and Draw things on my computer paper. :) Due to my lack of paying attention in class I learned, Zip, Nada, Nothing… Oh, I take that back, I did learn how to type. Well, I at least knew where the home keys were.   Crafting and Sewing has always been a LOVE of mine and when I started my Children’s line and was selling in stores, I was often asked if I was online… I would always tell people the only thing I know about computers is how to, “Buy, Click and Send”.

I began re-thinking this whole online, computer thing and decided to give it a try. I was in the process of having graphics done for my new site ( which NEVER happened.. I paid and got nothing ) in the meantime I thought I would mess around with one of the FREE sites and named it “Ruby Jean” it really had no meaning, other than it seemed like a cute name. :) People would often ask what or who, “Ruby Jean” was or is. I didn’t have an answer so I would have to go into the whole LONG story.

As 2012 was coming to an end and 2013 was beginning, I wanted to take the opportunity to start things New. Yes, every New Year often brings New Things.

As many of you know we just recently had our 6th baby. She and her almost 3yr old Brother Benjamin whom we call, “JoJo” happen to be the “Simply Sweet Things” in our life and their Brothers and Sisters lives. So we wanted to start this New Year,of 2013 and the many years to come with giving this blog a New name and New meaning.

All prior links and those receiving post via feedburner are being redirected, email going to is being forwarded to The only thing that happened was a NAME change so that’s all you will have to update.

I would also like to thank, Thauna. She did an amazing job for me when I transferred over from Blogger to Word Press and now when I wanted to change names. It was a seamless transition.

We do hope you enjoy this New journey with us here at..

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 9.47.43 AM


  1. Oh- I love the name. It sounds like a childrens’ book about a sweet little girl and her pet- all dressed in cute little clothes. Happy 2013-You are gonna do just fine! xo Diana ps. I am a computer idiot but wanted a new look , too. I BRAVELY switched my template over and IT WORKED. Is that amazing, or what? xo Diana

  2. Adorable new look and name! Wishing you blessings in 2013 Angelina!

  3. So, so sweet!!! I just love the new name Angelina and especially the the “simply sweet things”. Happy New Year to you my friend and here’s to a fantastic 2013! :-)

  4. What a sweet new name and darling graphics :)

  5. Congrat’s on the new look, I love it! The name is so cute and what a great meaning. Happy New year.

    • Thank you, Kristin. I know it will probably take some getting use to for those who are use to seeing and knowing me as “Ruby Jean” :) Happy New Year to you too!!

  6. I love it! Happy New Year to you!

  7. I love your new look and what a sweet story! xoxo~ Ruthie

  8. I’m a little late here but I love the change…Super cute and as always Super content :) Happy New Year

  9. Well if cc I just keep reading I will know all! Now I know the story behind your blog name!

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