Sweet Gifts

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Unexpected Blessings are Always, Sweet Gifts.

Just yesterday my husband went out to check the mail. We live on property and the mailboxes are down the road from us. So we tend to forget to go and check the mail sometimes, Okay, All the time :)

So it was such a TREAT, to see a box in the arms of my husband addressed from a Very Dear and Sweet friend. Quinn blogs over at Reformation Acres and we have now known each other for a couple of years. Our daughters are pen pals and have enjoyed a friendship through very Sweet and Memorable letters. Their family was so sweet to remember us in their prayers when I became so very sick with my pregnancy and they waited in anticipation for the day our Sweet Eloise Grace was born. Quinn is gifted with the talent of making so many things, so to be gifted with one of her creations is a tremendous joy and will be a forever treasured gift.

This is when Handmade becomes a priceless thing.

Thank you so much,Quinn. For this Sweet Gift!

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  1. OMGosh- If I were not over 60 I would want to be pregnant just so I could get one of those sweet little sweaters for my newborn. That is the cutest thing ever- xo Diana

    • Oh thank you, isn’t it Sweet! It was such a surprise to get it, which always makes it a Sweet Gift.. How are you feeling?

  2. aww..how pretty. Love the color!

  3. What a beautiful gift, Angelina! I have to “walk down” for our mail, too, and don’t always go every day. When a package comes, it’s even that more special.

    • Thank you, Kathy. We have to actually drive to ours… It’s ridiculously close,but it is funny how Far away it seems LOL!!!

  4. What a beautiful gift. I love this sweet sweater.


  5. Oh…That is adorable, the collar is so sweet! What a gift to be able to knit that…That Eloise is one lucky girl!

    Auntie Carol

  6. So. Sweet. Are your daughters join and Eloise?

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