Anthropologie Apron knock off!

Anthropologie Apron, knock off, teal, aqua,ruffles


Tea and Crumpets anyone?

That is the name of this Adorable Apron from Anthropologie.

And, who doesn’t love a good Anthropologie knock off, I know I do!!

Only thing is folks, I didn’t realize until I was uploading the photos that I forgot to make the flower! {sigh}

But,that’s okay Right?? Because your here to learn how to make the Apron and just knowing that makes me feel better

{happy dance}


 I tried finding the closest color possible to the original design. ( I think I did fairly decent, wouldn’t you say?)

For the Skirt of the Apron I cut on the fold of the fabric at 13 inches long. The waist straps I cut 4 pieces on the fold of the fabric at 3 inches wide. Those I just put right sides together and sewed up the sides, leaving the ends open for turning.

For the Bib of the Apron I cut 2 Rectangle pieces One for the front and Back (lining) Measure the Chest across and Down according to the size needed. I cut 3 strips on the fold at 2.5 inches for the Ruffles and 4 strips at 2.5 inches for the Neck straps and sewed them just as I did the waist straps. On the bottom ruffle I cut a strip on the fold of the fabric at 2.5 inches wide.

anthropology apron,knock off

 I gathered my bottom ruffle and finished the edge with a serger ( you can use a Zig Zag stitch ) and hemmed under. I pinned right sides together and sewed. I turned the ruffle over, pressed and top stitched. 

anthropologie,apron knock off

 For the top of the Apron skirt. I just gathered together, pinned and stitched. You can gather by machine or hand. I was just being lazy and did it this way. :)

Once your done gathering you will take your piping and Pin it to your apron and waistband strap.





 For the bib. Gather your strips on both ends and then pin them to your Bib front and sew in place. Take the lining of your Bib and place right sides together and stitch up the sides, leaving the top and bottom open for turning.

 anthropology Apron, knock off, teal ruffles

Place your Bib inside your Waistband strap and pin your piping in as well. Then sew in place.

anthropologie apron, knock off, ruffle

For your pocket. Draw out a Pocket shape and gather the top edge as you did your Apron skirt. Take a strip of fabric a little longer than your pocket and fold over the sides and top edges. Top stitch and attach your pocket to your Apron and Top stitch leaving the top open.

And there you have it folks!!

Your very own Anthropologie Apron!!

Well, that is close enough!!


anthropology apron knock off, pocket

Anthropologie, Apron, knock off, teal, white, ruffles

apron, anthropologie, knock off

Anthropologie Apron, teal, ruffled, knock off

Anthropologie Apron, knock off, teal, aqua, ruffled pocket

Anthropologie, Apron, Knock off,

Anthropologie Apron Knock off,spring

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  1. How darling…Your little model is as cute as a button! You have created the sweetest little apron. Your workmanship is impeccable. Thank you for sharing it step by step.
    Have a happy day.

  2. I love the color. (Wonderful knock off!)

  3. LOVE it! I’m a total sucker for cute aprons!

  4. So cute apron and lovely tutorial! Your magic tricks with fabric is always so amazing, thank you for sharing your step by step guide. Have a lovely weekend

  5. That is SO very cute! Did someone say “giveaway”? Just kidding 😉

  6. Here from ucreate! What an awesome blog you have! Love this apron – very well done!

  7. Hi! I clicked over from the Ucreate feature on you! I love love love this and must make it for my stepdaughter. I guess I would need to learn how to sew first, huh? Well baby steps!

  8. Gorgeous! The ruffled bib is so pretty. Angelina, you are so talented.

  9. Wow… just discovered your blog. The apron is beautiful, as well as your photos and the beautiful litte lady modeling. I am so excited to see more!

  10. That is adorable and so is your little model! :)

  11. Beautiful! How fun and your photo’s are amazing! Thanks so much for coming to (link) party with me… I hope you’ll come again next week to Super Saturday Show & Tell! xoxo~ Ruthie

  12. I just adore everything you make! So perfectly sweet! Love it!!!!!

    • Angelina says:

      I was thinking about you!!! I went to the Mac counter today.. And your not going to believe this!! They said they pulled that Mascara because there was a flaw in the lid or something. They won’t be bringing it back for months :( I was like, Your KIDDING me!!! I said do you know who I am LOL!!! No I didn’t say that, but should of.. Looks like you got yourself a GEM :) Thanks for stopping in :)

  13. Seriously sister! This is my favorite EVER! Love, love, love!

  14. Hi! I love to sew and this is perfect! Need a new project. Thanks for the inspiration. Pls accept apologies as I posted our Brag About It Linky in Wednesday and I couldn’t delete it so you’ll see it in the proper day of Thursday too! So sorry….. it’s late and well that’s my only excuse.


  15. Love it. I like the idea of seeing something I love then trying to make it. What sewing supplies do you think are essential for the beginner and what is pin and sewing?

    • Angelina says:

      Thank you so much, Karyl for all your Sweet comments. :) Essential sewing items would be a Sewing Machine, Good Scissors and I prefer to use a Rotary Mat and Cutter with a Straight Edge Ruler. The Pin and Sewing thing, I am not sure what that is referring too. I will have to go back and read the post 😉

  16. This is absolutely beautiful. I have pinned this to my Pinterest-Apron board. I found you from Sew Can She today and I’m glad I did. I will subscribe to you. You may be interested in my Summer Sewing Camp series where you can teach your children to sew:

    • Angelina says:

      Thank you Ana for stopping by. My girls actually LOVE too sew and we are getting ready to launch a Children’s site, be sure to be checking back 😉

  17. This apron is beautiful! Love it – thanks so much for the inspiration!

  18. Just stopping by to let you know that I featured your beautiful apron tutorial on my apron inspiration blog post today! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and detailed tutorial!

  19. I’m assuming this apron is sized for a child, since there’s a girl modeling it in the pictures. Any idea how I would adjust it for an adult?

    • Hi Lisa, sorry for taking so long to get back with you on this. I have taken the Summer off and haven’t been blogging much. Yes, this was made for a child but can easily be made for an adult following the instructions. You would have to take your measurements and cut your pieces accordingly. Across the Chest for BIB and Waste for Apron Skirt. Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions. :)

  20. Cindy Jay says:

    Hi Angelina! It was a pleasure meeting you today at Sprouts. Now I have you saved to my favorite blogs:) Hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

  21. Angelina says:

    Awe!! Thank you so much, Cindy for stopping in. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Looking forward to getting to know you 😉


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  2. […] Angelina from JoJo Eloise shows how she made this Anthropologie-inspired apron for her daughter.  The ruffle bib and contrasting skirt (with piped waistband, yum!) look like perfectly coordinated seprates.  Go to her tutorial. […]

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