It’s a Hole in One, Sew-Vivor #1


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Oh My Goodness!!

Can you believe that the first round of the Sew-Vivor competition is already here, I think I am still in shock  that I am one of the contestants participating, Seriously people, how exiting is that!!

There was a total of 146 entries and only 10 people were picked to participate. So talk about some pretty stiff competition here. But hey, that’s what it’s all about, Right??

Each week there are different Themes.

Which is fantastic because it helps you to stay focused and gives you a direction to go.

Here was our first theme.


The moment I saw this I immediately knew what I wanted to make.

Emerald Green just speaks Vintage Golf to me, why? I have no idea, but it just does.. Kind of like Cotton Candy say’s, Circus.. :) So I was so excited to put together an outfit with this idea in mind.

My inspiration came from these photos.

PicMonkey Collage


This is just a brief tutorial on how I put this look together.

My fabrics were Tweed, Corduroy and Cotton.

I used a pair of my daughters Bloomers for a pattern. You can use a pair of pants and just make the legs wider. I used White thread so you could see the sewing, since the fabric was on the darker side.

I sewed the right sides of my pant legs together leaving the crotch area open.

Because I wanted the bottom legs to poof out I added elastic. So I finished the edges of my legs and  pressed up.

vintage glof collage

I top stitched my hem and left a small opening for my elastic to be put through.

 You can do that by attaching a safety pin to one end of your elastic and running it through. Then sew your elastic together and stitch your opening closed.

Place one pant leg inside the other RIGHT sides together and stitch along the crotch seem.

vintage golf collage 2


I wanted a semi tailored look so I sewed a zipper to the back of the pants and folded over my front sides and sewed along the top edge. I then added buttons to the top.



vintage golf, jojo and eloise



 I used a pattern I had drafted for my son when he was younger and fitted it to my daughters size. I bought a Button Kit at Joann’s and used my coordinating fabric to cover them. I lined my vest with the cotton fabric that was used for the shirt.

For the suspenders I just cut 2 strips at 2.5 inches wide and placed right sides together and left the ends open for turning. Then I top stitched and sewed a button hole for the front and put Suspender Clips on the back. You can purchase those at Joann’s as well.


PicMonkey Collage


 So if you like what you see head on over and put a VOTE in for me :)

No pressure!!

Okay, maybe just a little :)



vintage golf set



vintage, golf, beret, bow,peter pan




vintage golf, outfit, bloomers, green


vintage golf set, outfit, bow tie, #vintage #golf




vintage golf #golf #bloomers #kids


vintage golf outfit, suspenders, green

vintage golf, outfit, #golfing, #kids



vintage golf outfit


vintage golf outfit, golfing, kids, suspenders


vintage golf vest



vintage golf



vintage golf, girls, kids, golfing


 vintage golf, kids


  1. I can’t believe how adorable this is Angelina… well yes I can. I believe wholeheartedly that you will win this competition, I can’t imagine anyone doing anything that could top it. You are certainly talented girl, and your little daughter is precious.

    Many Blessings

  2. You did a fantastic job on this outfit! Love the use of emerald as an accent color. Keep up the great work.

  3. Sew cute! Love it! Sheila

  4. this is darling! you are so talented.

    i just voted….i wonder who for????


    • Oh Stop!!! You are KILLING me with your Sweetness!! Must be that Southern Hospitality of yours 😉

      p.s. Thanks for the VOTE :)

  5. Angelina, you inspire me! This is so incredible in every way. I LOVE the way you styled the shoot. Seriously, I admire you so much and think of you as an incredible inspiration. I’m honored to be in Sew-Vivor with you! Great work!!

  6. How very, very cute- Cute outfit AND cute model. Thanks for all the tutorials you do- xo Diana

  7. This is great! I’m in love with that vest! I think you have this competition in the bag! You truly are an inspiration.

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