How to make a Window View Birdhouse



How to make a Window View Birdhouse!

In our home there doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by that something is not being Created.

I LOVE the fact that my kids, LOVE being a part of the creative process of my blog.

Often times I will go to them and ask for ideas.

I can always count on there being a BIRD project! They LOVE birds. Drawing, coloring, painting and watching Birds.

So this idea of making our own Diy Window View Birdhouse was born.

We had some extra paper mache boxes laying around as well as these suction cups.

You can find them at any local craft store.

(we bought ours at JoAnn’s)


We took the suction cup and used that as are template for the HOLE to the birdhouse.

We traced it and cut it out.

PicMonkey Collage

My daughter took over from here.

She got her Mod Podge out, Foam Brush and began to cover the entire OUTSIDE of the Box.

DO NOT!!! Paint the INSIDE where your Little Birdies will be LIVING :)

She did a total of 3 coats and let each coat dry individually.


Once it was fully dry. She got her LOW temp glue gun and some Flowers.



She then began placing Dabs of glue onto her box and placed her flowers accordingly.


She enjoyed decorating her little birds house.


She LOVED her finished product.

She made sure to keep the Center Hole uncovered, so that the Birds would want to come in.


I then pierced two holes. ONE on TOP and ONE on the BOTTOM.

For the Suction cups to hang.


Now it was time to find where we were going to hang our house.

We found a spot that offered just the perfect amount of Shade and Protection from the elements.



how-to make-a-birdhouse-kids-craft

She is looking forward to having a New Home Owner.. That she can keep an eye on, from inside the house.

This is a wonderful project that kids can do and also give away as gifts.


I hope you enjoyed our little tutorial and will consider making a Window View Birdhouse, of your very own.

Happy Bird Watching!


  1. so cute!!! and i love getting the kiddos involved!

  2. I feel like I haven’t been by in forever but things are beautiful here as always. What a lovely birdhouse and amazing photography ~ as usual.

    Have a wonderful week, Angelina.

    Mary Beth

    • Angelina says:

      Thank you so much for stopping in Mary Beth and leaving such a SWEET comment :) It is so good to see and hear from you. I hope your Summer was a GREAT one :)

  3. Sweet as sweet can be! Love the gingham bow too:)

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