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Just in case you missed this post that I shared over, At the Picket Fence a few weeks back, here it is now for you to enjoy!

You and I both know that, Trends come and go. Some of those Trends are Happily escorted out the Clothing or Decorating door, hopefully never to be seen of again. However, I get so happy when trends that I LOVE, come back into the main stream and especially back into the stores. One of those trends is, GOLD. I have always enjoyed working Gold Accents into our home decor and I especially LOVE wearing it, I am particularly found of Yellow Gold {{*WINK*}}

Today I am going to show you an inexpensive way, to get those Trendy Gold Accents into your home decor, with Pre-Existing furniture pieces and  decorative items you may have laying around.

What you’ll need:

Rust-Oleum Gold Spray Paint and (optional) Rub n Buff.

We have had this WHITE plant stand for several years now. It has served a GREAT purpose of holding one of our Vintage Fans, in the master Bedroom. The WHITE just wasn’t doing it for me anymore and I began staring at it, wondering what color I should paint it. It didn’t take long, for the idea of Going GOLD to win me over.  Now if your like me, I have only to walk into our Garage and hit up, my over abundant Spray Paint Supply. I took my stand outside and got to work. I was thankful, that the weather was quite warm and the paint dried extremely quick. (I am probably the most impatient painter EVER, can any of you relate to that?)

I LOVE the color of Rust-Oleums Melatlic Gold straight out of the can. However I wanted to knock down the shine a bit and give it more of an aged, patina look.  I grabbed my Rub n Buff that I bought at Joann’s Store. (another part of my being impatient showing through, in my GOLD fingers, I was in to much of a hurry to find gloves.) I simply applied a small amount to my finger and just Rubbed it into my Painted Stand. You can see the slight difference in color on the Bottom Right picture.

adding #gold accents to home decor with rustoleum spray paint #vintage


After I was done Rubbing and Buffing my stand, I allowed it to dry.


adding #gold accents to home decor #vintage

The great thing about Spray Paint (or any paint) is, it doesn’t have to be permenent. As trends change or even your personal taste changes, you can just add another layer of paint, (or strip the last layer and then add another color ). I LOVE having the options, don’t you?  There are so many wonderful styles and colors to choose from so the possibilities are endless.


 how to use gold spray paint for a plant stand


For now, we are enjoying our new GOLDEN stand. We think it is quite stunning and adds such great dimension to our decorating palette.

 how to work gold accents in to your decor

(No need to Panic, it’s NOT plugged in)


Gold Spray Paint and Antique Buff and Rub Plant stand


 So what do you think? Will you be adding some Gold Accents to your Home Decor, this Season? If so you might consider giving Rust-Oleum’s Metallic, Spray Paint line a try.

Happy Painting!!!

 adding #gold accents to home decor #vintage #rustoleum







  1. A little touch of gold goes so far! I love this classic look!

  2. I have seen the gold trend and I love a touch of it here and there for elegance! I was just thinking about you this week, so much going on…Miss you!

    Auntie Carol

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