How to make a Diaper Box Fall Leaf Bunting

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How to Make a Diaper Box, Fall Leaf Bunting.

Do you have Diaper Boxes laying around your house?  Or maybe empty Cereal, Cookie or Packaging Boxes, well don’t throw them away!!!

I am going to show you how you can take your Discarded pieces of Cardboard and use them for your projects or Crafty Fun with your Kiddos.

We always have plenty of Cardboard Boxes lying around house and let me tell you, they have been made into some of the most interesting things.

One of the things that we made as of late is this, Diaper Box, Fall Leaf Bunting. It is so VERY simple and quick to make.

You will need pieces of Cardboard, Leaf Template, Pencil, Scissors, Mod Podge, Brush and Glitter.

Trace your Template onto your Box. ( as many as needed )

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 Cut them out and using your Brush apply your Mod Podge, being sure to cover the entire surface of your leaf.



diaper box #fall leaf mod podge glitter bunting


I bought this Bulk size glitter at Joann’s, for very little money.

(using a 40% off coupon, I LOVE those coupons)

Sprinkle your Glitter Generously over your Modge Podge Covered leaf.

I did Half in Orange and the other half in Gold.


fall leaf bunting repurposed from a diaper box jojoandeloise.come

After my Diaper Box, Fall Bunting Leaves were dried, I hot glued each leaf to some twine.


how to make a glitter fall leaf bunting #repurposed #upcycled Craft



Doesn’t this make one CUTE little Fall Leaf Bunting.

And, no one would ever believe it was made out of a Diaper Box.


how to make a repurposed fall glitter leaf bunting out of a Diaper Box



This is a great project for your kids and because the Diaper Box is Sturdy and offers a strong frame work, your Diaper Box, Fall Leaf Bunting will surely last for Many years to come.


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  1. Oh- How cute! I love the bunting AND your model. Sweet job! xo Diana

  2. I love the colors of glitter you ended up using! It looks lovely!

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