Borderline Skirt Tutorial

I am all about SKIRTS. Making them, wearing them, and shopping for them. They have to be one of the prettiest pieces of clothing ever. They are so versatile in their wear. You can dress them up for a nice evening out around town or wear them as casual as you would like.

 I shared on how to make a Rainbow Layered Skirt and just in case you missed it you can check that out here.

Today’s Borderline Skirt is made using the same concept of the layered skirt and I am going to show you how you can take that same idea and make something totally different.

Your going start by measuring the desired, TOTAL length of your skirt. From the waist to where you would like your skirt hem to fall. ( ex. mid calf, ankle, below the knee, etc..)

I used basic quilters cotton, purchased from Joann’s.  One color for the main body of the skirt and a Coordinating color for the Borderline Stripe.

Cut your fabric pieces straight across the folded edge of your fabric.

You are going to Cut 6 pieces total. 3 for the front of the skirt and 3 for the back.

For reference I cut my older daughters skirt: Waist Band 3.5 inches wide ( length as needed) Top skirt piece 15inches tall, Borderline 6 inches wide and bottom skirt piece 3.5

My younger daughters skirt pieces: 3.5 inches wide ( length as needed) Top skirt piece 10 inches tall, Borderline 6 inches wide and bottom skirt piece 3.5 inches borderline-skirt-tutorial-twirl

Take the RIGHT side of your Borderline piece and place it on top of the RIGHT side of the BOTTOM of your Top skirt piece. Sew in place. Turn over, press and top stitch.

Repeat the same thing with the bottom edge.  You are basically piecing your front and back pieces of your Skirt together.


You can see more on how to finish off your skirt by checking out the Rainbow Layered Skirt Tutorial that I mentioned above.

The possibilities and color combinations for this skirt are

And, don’t think that this is for Kids only.

I used the same technique and pattern on a skirt I made for myself.

So get creative and have fun making while making these Borderline Skirts.




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  1. Pretty! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later this evening that links to your tutorial:

  2. Love love love those skirts!

  3. I just read how you learned to sew on your about page. You my friend, are an amazing writer, sew like a rock star, and a busy mama too! Do you homeschool? I noticed you mentioned your schoolroom (we are on our fourth year homeschooling and I need a designated area more and more) Thank you for amazing me with your talent- xo

  4. Can the waist band be made half as tall as you are showing? My daughter prefers a narrower waistband.


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