Small Space Shower Curtain Tee Pee


We live in a 3200 sqft house so the last thing I should be sharing is Decorating in Small Spaces. However with a family of Eight Big and Little people, 3200 sqft shrinks awfully quick.

We have 4 bedrooms total. 1 Master Bedroom, 1 Boys Room, 1 Girls Room and 1 School Room.

( there is an office that, subs as a Sewing/Craft/Catch All Room :)

I am sure like me you have seen the whole Tee Pee trend sweeping the blog world. My girls have been asking me to make them one, I have been reluctant only because the Size and Space needed to house one of these things.

And, that’s when it hit me!!!  I had that wonderful DIY, AH HA!! Moment.

I could make a Small Tee Pee using a Shower Curtain.

I mean, that’s what a Shower Curtain is for, RIGHT??

No Sew, Quick, Easy, Inexpensive and most importantly Space Saving!!

That is my kind of project.


We used 3 poles that we bought at Lowe’s 72″ long, Zip ties, bakers twine and tacks.

We took 2 poles and tightly zipped tied them together, then took the last pole and tightly zip tied it to ONE of the other poles.

On the BOTTOM we took Bakers twine and Tacked it place at the bottom, going across and making a Triangle.

This helps to keep the poles from sliding to far open.


I then took my shower curtain and draped it around my Tee Pee shape, then Rubber Banded the top.

To cover all the BUNCHED mess of fabric, I shoved Flowered Stems in between, using my Rubber Bands as Holders.







Yet so SWEET and Pretty!



It makes for such a nice DREAMY place to sit and relax.


 Or for your little one to cozy up with her Favorite book!




 These would also make a GREAT props for photo shoots, with out the EXTRA cost.




 Our girls have been enjoying, Playing and Pretending they are off in Far Away places.


 Their Ragdoll cat even thinks she is a PRINCESS!!!




So if you have limited space like we do or you just want a Tee Pee that is Quick and Easy to put together.



You might consider taking an existing Shower Curtain or Buying and inexpensive one.

And, making the SWEETEST little corner in your Little one’s room or play space.


The possibilities are endless and the hours of Imaginative Pretend Play is,



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  1. This turned out so lovely! I am loving tepees right now, and this tutorial is very helpful.

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL!! I am going to have to pin it to remember it for later!

  3. I want this in my room! Cute!

  4. So sweet and pretty. It really is a great size for the corner of a room.


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