Gluten Free Valentines and Printable

#glutino #GF brownie mix with free printable

Gluten Free Valentines and Printable.

WOW!!! I can’t believe that, Valentines Day is right around the corner. Do you have any special plans? These days Valentines looks a little bit different for us. We look for ways to incorporate our Gluten Free living into this Special Day.

Our kids LOVE Glutinos, Gluten Free, Double Chocolate, Brownie Mix.

They especially LOVE it, when I make them, HEART shaped Brownie Bites.

Following the instructions on the package, I just add my batter into a piping bag and make different shapes.

Circles, Squares, Hearts etc…  I bake them on a silicone mat for approximately 15-16 minutes. You will have to keep and eye on them to gauge your ovens temp and time. Because they are thinner, you won’t be baking them at the standard time.

#glutenfree Glutino brownie mix made into Heart shape chips

You can use half your batter, for your Heart Shapes and the rest for your traditional brownies, like we’ve done here.

#glutino #glutenfree brownies heart shape

These little Brownie Heart Shapes, would be a perfect addition to Celebrate, your Gluten Free, Valentines Day.

#glutenfree Valentines day printable

You can Layer your Glutino Brownies, into Glass Mason Jars. Cut circled shapes (slice in half, if to thick) and Layer with your choice of frosting or filling of choice.

We used Cream Cheese, Sweetened a tbsp of Maple Syrup.

#glutenfree brownie chips made with Glution Brownie Mix and printabel

Glutino’s Brownie Mix, is SERIOUSLY the best!

#glutenfree valentines day

I am NOT even kidding!!

 When you go to tell your Non GF friends and family, they are Gluten Free, they won’t even believe you.

Yes, People!! I am telling you, they are that GOOD!

#glutenfree glutino brownies and printable

So share the, Gluten Free LOVE this Valentines Day!

#glutino #GF brownie mix with free printable


put some Glutino Brownies into a Jar.

#glutenfree Glutino Brown Mix in a Jar with Free Printable

Make some Heart Shape Brownie Bites.

#glutino gluten free brownie mix

And, let your Friends and Family be AMAZED!!

#glutino gluten free brownies in a jar

A while back, I had the idea for some GF, Valentines Day printables. And, lets just say, I am NOT Photoshop savvy. So I made some prototype of sorts. I then in listed the help of my friend Keren, (who does AMAZING work) to make them into ACTUAL printables to share. (no telling what size, shape or color they would be, if I did them :)

Gluten free printables

There are TWO sets, Set One download HERE and Go HERE to download set Two.

So have fun this Valentines Day, Making and Printing out some, Gluten Free LOVE, to share with your Family and Friends!

#glutenfree Valentines Day Glutino Brownies in a Jar and Printable




  1. Oh girl..just started the gluten free journey and am still learning so much. The Glutino products I have tried so far are great! These are adorable!! Pinning!

    • You will Love these Brownies… We have been GF for A LONG time now. Did you see my GF meatball sandwiches? So So So GOOD! Oh and my GF Waffles! The best 😉 Thanks for stopping in xoxo

  2. Super cute idea and perfect for the students who might have a gluten allergy!

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