How to make Polymer Clay Jewelry

how to make HEART shaped jewelry out of polymer clay

 How to make Polymer Clay Jewelry.

I LOVE jewelry and so do my girls. However, it can get a bit on the expensive side with so many girls in the house.

Polymer Clay is a FANTASTIC alternative. You can Virtually make just about any style or design of your choosing.

Thankfully I have a Son and the girls have a Brother, who LOVES working with Polymer Clay.

So getting him to make Jewelry for us is pretty easy.


Valentines Day Craft

 You will need Polymer Clay, Jewelry pieces (ring bases, earring post and chain for necklaces).



making polymer clay jewlery

For making these Hearts, He started by taking a Small piece of clay and rolled it into a ball.

Then began shaping it into a Heart Shape form.

how to shape a heart with polymer clay

He used a PIN to make the indentation for the Heart.

Then smoothed out any rough edges with is finger.

making clay hearts with polymer clay

Gather the pieces of Jewelry you will using, and make sure they will fit appropriately onto the bases.

making jewelry

Follow the instructions on your Polymer Clay packaging and bake accordingly.

When finished baking and cooling. You can seal your pieces, we wanted ours GLOSSY so we used a Glossy Finish.

To attach your Clay Jewelry, you can use Superglue or Jewelry Glue. ( We used superglue)

how to seal polymer clay with martha stewart high gloss

Make your pieces to give away as gifts or to enjoy for yourself.

How to make Polymer Clay Jewlery


Who wouldn’t LOVE to get or wear this Adorable Cuteness!

DIY How to make Polymer Clay Jewelry

You can make your earrings on standard post or clip on, for those with sensitive ears.

Heart Shaped Polymer Clay Jewelry tutorial

Be sure if your making Rings for little girls, to get the adjustable or ones already sized for children.

heart shaped Ring Necklace and Earrings with polymer clay

#Heart Jewelry using Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Heart Shaped Jewelry

Enjoy making your Polymer Clay Jewelry and let your Creativity Flow!!

All of our supplies were bought at JoAnn Stores the Children size Rings were bought at Hobby Lobby

polymer clay jewelry hearts

polymer clay heart shaped jewelry how to tutorial



  1. These are so cute! I love them! The photos are amazing!

  2. My daughter would love to make these for her friends. I am going to show her how cute!

  3. These are crazy cute! My kids love making clay jewels, well have to make some hearts!

  4. I am heading out tomorrow to get the recommended supplies. I love them. Thanks for sharing.


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