How to have a Gluten Free Birthday Party

how to have a #glutenfree birthday party for #kids

Our family LOVES being, Gluten Free. However there are days, when being Gluten Free, has it’s challenges.  One of those Challenges is Birthday Parties and that’s, either Going or Hosting one.

But when you stop and think about it! It’s all virtually the same.

Snacks, Drinks, Food, and Cakes.

So, Really! The Difficulty and Challenge is sometimes more of our own making.

We were getting ready to CELEBRATE our little guys, 4th Birthday.


He is just growing up so fast.

He LOVES Hot Dogs, so we decided to throw him his very own, Gluten Free, Hot Dog Party!

Taking the Basic concept of the Hot Dog party and making it Gluten Free, was so easy.

#glutenfree hot dog buns from Udi's

We started out with some of the BEST, Gluten Free, Hot Dogs from

Applegate Organic & Natural Meats.


#glutenfree hot dog party udi's glutino

We used Udi’s Hot Dog Buns.(Seriously the BEST, no Kidding!!)

Gluten Free Ketchup: Cucina-Antica

Gluten Free Mustard: Organicville and Woodstock-Foods

Gluten Free Relish: Bubbies

Gluten Free Organic Raw Sauerkraut: Gold Mine

#udis kids birthday party #glutenfree

For the Muffin Cakes, We used Glutino Muffin Mix and for the Hot Dog Bites we used Glutino Pizza Crust Mix.

(Recipe for the Hot dog Bites, coming soon!)

Kids #glutenfree #glutino Birthday party

For the drinks we used our FAVORITE, Virgils Gluten Free, Rootbeer.

Ingredients: Purified carbonated water, unbleached cane sugar, caramelized unrefined cane sugar, citric acid, herbs and spices! Gluten Free. No Preservatives, No Caffeine, No GMO’s, and No artificial anything!

#GlutenFree Birthday Hot dog party

For some added Snacks and Fun, we went with BOPS (cutest packing EVER) potato chips, from Good Boy Organics.

#GlutenFree birthday party for kids

There REALLY is only ONE way to Celebrate!

And, that’s GLUTEN FREE!

Celebrate your parties with #glutenfree fun

It REALLY doesn’t have to be stressful event.

#GlutenFree  hot dog kids birthday party #glutenfree

Thankfully there are such AWESOME products out there. They Really do make yours and mine, Gluten Free Party planning a whole lot easier.

#glutenfree hot dog birthday party using glutino products

I think you will also find, that your Gluten Free Party is KID approved.

#kids birthday party using all #glutenfree products

Food, Snacks and even the Desserts.

#glutenfree muffin cupcakes kids birthday party

kids birthday party All #glutenfree

#hotdogs #glutenfree kids birthday party

#hotdog #glutenfree birthday part

Hot Dog #glutenfree birthday party

#glutenfree kids birthday party hot dog buns from Udi's

#kids hot dog #glutenfree party

How to have a #kids #glutenfree party #udi's #glutino

How to have a #glutenfree birthday party

hot dog #glutenfree kids birthday party

kids #glutenfree hot dog party glutiono udi's products

So have FUN and get Creative Celebrating your Gluten Free Birthday party!

how to have a succesful Gluten Free Birthday Party




  1. Absolutely adorable!

  2. So cute Angelina! Also, love that it’s all GF!

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