Gluten Free Cream Cheese and Banana Bread Pudding

#organic #gf #glutenfree bread pudding

Gluten Free Cream Cheese and Banana Bread Pudding

Oh, my goodness!! Can I just say that I am so EXCITED about today’s post. I have been CRAVING bread pudding for, OH!!! Like forever! A few years ago, a family friend had made the most delicious, Bread Pudding I had ever tasted.  I have yet, to have another Bread Pudding, that was quite as yummy as that was. Since our family has been Gluten Free, bread pudding isn’t something that I have thought of making myself. ( I have NO idea why I haven’t )

Only as of recently, did I start thinking about making a Gluten Free version. Glutino offers a wide variety of products, we have tried and used about 80% of them, with great success.  So I don’t know why, I was so nervous about trying their Gluten Free bread. Maybe it has something to do with, GF bread, overall.  Before going GF, BREAD was my, EVERYTHING!!! I was particularly fond of HOT bread, straight out of the oven. Talk about some, Seriously, YUMMY memories.

I guess, I have put off, the making of Bread Pudding because I wasn’t sure how it would convert over. From NON GF to being Gluten Free.

That is until now!

Thanks to Glutino, I am now able to ENJOY a delicious, Bowl FULL of GF Bread Pudding.

#Glutino #GlutenFree Sandwich bread

This recipe is so very simple and easy to make.

I used 10 slices of Glutino bread. 5 of the Multigrain and 5 of the White, Sandwich Bread. I thought the combination would be fun to try, it’s certainly not necessary.

#glutenfree sandwich bread from #glutino

Cut your bread into Cubes or tear into pieces by hand.

#GlutenFree Bread for Bread Pudding

3 Organic Pastured Eggs.

We love using Primal Pastures Eggs.

Organic #Primal Pastures #eggs

6 tablespoons of butter at Room Temperature.

We like using Organic Pastures Raw Butter.

#Organic #RAW Butter

2 cups of milk ( or 1 cup milk and 1 cup heavy cream)  2 Medium or 3 Small Banana’s, 4-6 ounces of Organic Cream Cheese (cut into small pieces), 1/2 tsp Real Salt, 1/4 cup Coconut Sugar ( or sugar of choice and sweeten to taste).

how to make #glutenfree banana bread pudding

In a Separate Bowl, whip your eggs,add in your Milk/Cream, Butter, Coconut Sugar and Salt.

Mix thoroughly and add your sliced Banana.

Pour over your Cubed Bread and mix carefully!

NOTE* Gluten Free Bread will absorb the Liquid quickly, don’t let it sit to long before putting into the oven and do NOT over mix/stir.

Carefully FOLD in your Cream Cheese.

OPTIONAL* Sprinkle the top with some Extra Coconut Sugar.

#GlutenFree #Organic Banana Bread Pudding

Bake at 375 uncovered for 40 minutes.

This time may Vary depending on your ovens temperature.

#orgainc #GF Banana Bread Pudding #glutenfree

Let your Gluten Free, Cream Cheese & Banana, Bread Pudding cool.

Once Cool, serve and enjoy!

#Orgainc #GlutenFree Banaa Bread Pudding Glutino

#GF #Organic Banana Bread pudding

 We LOVE making a  homemade, Butter Cream sauce to go with our GF Bread Pudding.

It’s super simple and quick to make.

Take about 4 Tbsp of Raw Organic butter and melt in a small sauce pan. Add 1 cup of Heavy Cream and 1 tbsp of Coconut Sugar and 1tsp Organic Vanilla.

Mix until warm and bubbly.

Drizzle or POUR it over your GF Bread Pudding. It makes it taste so VERY yummy!

#GLutenFree #Organic Banana Bread Pudding #glutino sandwhich bread

I am so glad that I finally took the plunge and made GF bread pudding.

This has quickly become one of our family favorites.

#glutenfree #organic #pasturedeggs banana bread pudding

Do you like Bread Pudding?

Maybe you’ll consider giving this recipe a try.

The BEST #glutenfree cream cheese and Banana bread pudding


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