Going Urban for Spring with Chasing Fireflies

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The following is a review for Chasing Fireflies and I did receive compensation for this review. However these are my honest opinions and thoughts.

We’re Going Urban for Spring with Chasing Fireflies!

Don’t you just LOVE this time of year?  I certainly do!

Celebrating and Dressing up for Spring, is pretty much a No Brainer ( I guess that’s not a word. I got the RED spell check dots on that one )  when it comes to girls. But celebrating Spring with Boys, can be a bit more difficult. What to Buy, what to wear and what to put in their Spring Baskets. All this can become, very DAUNTING!

So I put together, a Super FUN and totally CUTE way, to go URBAN for Spring.

I first started off with some UH-MAZING threads from Chasing Fireflies.  (Seriously, talk about TOP quality clothing and style)

We also put together a Super Fun, Urban Inspired Spring basket to go with our Chasing Fireflies outfit.

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Metal Bucket and Wooden Rocket Birdhouse: Michaels.  Martha Stewart, Metallic Paints: Jo-Ann’s. Pinwheels, Bunnies, Eggs and Wooden Rocket Frame: Hobby Lobby.  Retro Rocket, Stuffing and Mustache Pencil: World Market.

how to make a Urban Inspired Kids Spring Basket jojoandeloise.com

This Adorable Urban Spring Basket pairs wonderfully with, this classic Spring style from Chasing Fireflies.

Oxford Vest, Blue Dress Shirt, Levis Straight Leg Jeans and Chuck Taylor shoes.

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I LOVE that dressing with Chasing Fireflies, means I don’t have to substitute Style for Comfort.

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The Chasing Fireflies, Oxford Vest is Seriously, UH-MAZING!!!

The Quality and Wear is top notch.

#Urban Spring kids ideas chasing-fireflies.com jojoandeloise.com

I also LOVE that fact, that I can dress our little man in Stylish Threads without compromising on comfort.

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#urban #spring kids jojoandeloise.com

He is able to look the part, of being DRESSED up for the occasion and still able to get on the floor and play in complete comfort.

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Urban Spring with Chasing Fireflies and jojoandeloise.com

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Who can resist the CLASSIC style of Chuck Taylor shoes?

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So Bring out, your little mans URBAN style,  with Chasing Fireflies this SPRING season.

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  1. Melt! What incredible photography and of course, an amazing model :)

  2. He’s rocking that ‘stash Tony Orlando style! (Excuse me, I’m showing my age again.)

  3. I am loving this style and your photographs (and model) are amazing! Thanks for linking up at the Sunday Soiree!

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