Earthpaste All Natural Toothpaste

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Earthpaste All Natural Toothpaste.

I never considered, toothpaste, being unsafe. I always assumed, only the BEST ingredients, went into conventional, store bought toothpaste. I mean, if the Dentist uses it, then SURELY! I should too. RIGHT?!?!?!

As time has gone on,  I have taken our families Health and Wellness a lot more SERIOUS.

I know that Toothpaste, might seem very Insignificant to you, on the level of overall Health but Oral Hygiene plays a BIGGER role than you might think.

You can read an Article all about that, Here.

We have a Very regiment, Oral Hygiene routine in our house. From Big to even the Littlest of ones.

One of the the Products we LOVE using is Earthpaste. You may remember the post I shared Here.


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Getting your little ones, to Brush their teeth, can be hard. And, most often the WORST fear is them Swallowing their toothpaste.

Which should be a RED flag. If you can’t Eat or Swallow it, then why use it in your MOUTH!?!?!  Whatever you were Hoping NOT to Swallow, is being absorbed into your Blood Stream. Your body has a SNEAKY way of absorbing things.


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So even with ALL the help in the world, that SWEET little one of yours (whether they Spit or Swallow) is absorbing the Chemicals and Toxins found in your Store Bought Toothpaste.


morining help

The choices can be a bit overwhelming.


training up healthy kids

Also realizing, that just because it’s sold in a HEALTH food store, DOESN’T make it good for you.#organic healthy kids

Many so called, HEALTHY toothpaste, will pride themselves on being ALL Natural.

And, yet still contain ingredients that are anything but NATURAL.

Saccharin  – People ingest this artificial  sweetener without realizing the harm to their health. Saccharin was banned in the 70’s because it proved to cause severe health problems to rats in laboratories. However, because people liked the taste the ban was lifted.

 kids healthy teeth brushing

Earthpaste is exactly what it says it is.

from the EARTH!

Redmond Clay, Essential Oils, Real Salt and Xylitol. Nothing Fake about it.. Only REALLY good things.

You don’t have to worry about what’s being ingested or absorbing into yours or your Kids bodies.


Since, there are no FOAMING agents, Earthpaste will take some getting use to.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)  – This is used in many products to make suds. In toothpaste it’s used as a thickening agent. It makes your mouth feel that something exciting is happening especially if menthol is added.

It’s NOT the toothpaste that cleans your teeth. It’s the BRUSHING motion of the brush that does it for you.

 SLS has been linked to, chronic bad breath. This chemical can contribute to dry mouth, in which the mouth produces less saliva than it should. ( your Saliva is EXTREMELY important to Oral Health)

Saliva is rich in oxygen, and without it, the mouth becomes anaerobic, which is a perfect environment for anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria  produce sulfur as a waste product. When these bacteria find an environment in which they can thrive, the amount of sulfur in your mouth rises, making your breath smell bad and causing an unpleasant taste. Using a toothpaste that doesn’t have SLS can  help you end this problem.

earthpaste all natural toothpaste safe for kids and the enviroment

 We have all been conditioned to think, that BUBBLES equals Squeaky clean.  all natural toothpaste earthpaste #mudmouth

 But that’s just not true.


healthy habits

 The important thing is, to Know what’s in your toothpaste.


kids using earthpaste

Don’t get caught off Guard, thinking that you bought something Healthy.


earthpaste all natural healthy toothpaste

 Be SMART and educate you and your children.


 earthpaste muddy clean all natural toothpaste

Don’t be FOOLED!


earthpaste healthy brushing for kids and family

By, Fancy Labels or healthy Catch Phrases and Words.

gggggood oral health for kids and family with earthpaste

Have the confidence and assurance, knowing that what is going in your Kids Mouth, is Healthy and GOOD for them.


healthy brushing

 Teaching your Children healthy habits while they are young, pays off in the long run.



teaching kids healthy brushing habbit

And, you may even avoid some COSTLY dental bills.


Earthpaste the Natural healthy way to brush your teeth

If your EXCITED about your Oral Health, your Kids most likely will be as well.



enviromentally friendly all natural toothpaste #earthpaste


So, be aware of what your kids are Reaching for, in the morning and evening.

kids and healthy brushing


Because! Not all toothpaste are the same.






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  1. You always know exactly what I’m looking for. I have been going bonkers looking for a toothpaste like this. I’m going to order some today! Thanks for sharing, Angelina.

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