How to make a Hot Air Balloon Applique

Diy Hot air ballon applique

 How to make a Hot Air Balloon Applique.

Applique is one of my favorite things to do. I love being able to create an image or picture, out of piecing fabric together. There is something so Fun and Challenging about it. When the kids were smaller I use to Applique practically everything they wore. I find myself doing it less and less these days. So piecing this Hot Air Balloon together was a lot of fun.

Applique is a lot like putting together a puzzle. Maybe that’s why I like it so much, I LOVE putting puzzles together.

I started by drawing a basic Hot Air Balloon shape.  Once I was satisfied with my drawing, I traced the TOP part of my hot air balloon onto, Heat N Bond paper.

This will be used to attach my Fabric to my T-Shirt. You don’t have to use Heat N Bond, you can attach your Fabric pieces with out for a Softer Applique. The heat N Bond acts as a Stablizer keeping your Fabric from moving.

You actually don’t even have to Sew if you use Heat N Bond or No Sew Paper. ( though I have found after several washings it begins to PULL away from the Fabric )

I cut my Heat N Bond pieces out and Ironed them onto my fabrics.

Be sure to follow your manufactures instructions.

hot air balloon applique piecing

Once they cooled, I peeled the paper backing off to reveal the ironed on glue/backing. I placed my pieces  onto my T-Shirt and carefully pressed into place. I cut a square piece of fabric for the basket and did the same.


how to applique a hot air balloon

Once my pieces were ironed on I slipped some Stablizer inside my T-Shirt and pinned in place. This helps to keep the T-Shirt from bunching while sewing. I did a basic Straight Stitch all along my edges. You can finish your edges with a Zig Zag/ Satin stitch for a more finished detailed look.

For the Basket Ropes. I used a Brown Sewing machine thread, did a few back and forth stitches (with my sewing machine )to make the ropes.


how to use stabelizer for appliquing

So Quick and Easy for such a CUTE shirt.


pocket full of posies skirt tutorial # fabric


This pairs nicely with my, Pocket Full of Posies skirt shared HERE.


Riley Blake Fabrics pocket full of posies skirt


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