#MiniMitchMan with Paul Mitchell Kids

#minimitchman Paul Mitchell kids shampoo #mitchtheman

#MiniMitchMan with Paul Mitchell Kids.

Curly Hair!

Enough Said!!

Okay not really. But if you have little one’s with Curly Hair, you know what I’m talking about. It is absolutely, NO fun!! Having to comb through, your Curly Headed, Kids hair! Or any Kids Hair for that matter ( that easily tangles ).  Fighting to wash their hair, while worrying  about keeping the shampoo out of their eyes, is STRESS enough.

I can’t even begin to tell yo, how often I try avoiding washing this Little Ones Hair. Of course the Longer I put it off the Messier and More Tangled it gets. Which isn’t good for him or me.

So I am so thankful for products, like Paul Mitchell’s , Baby Don’t Cry Shampoo.

I can easily and quickly wash his hair. I don’t have the Worry or Stress of getting shampoo in his eyes. And, the best thing, it’s SUPER easy to comb through his tangled mess.


#PaulMitchell kids shampoo jojoandeloise.com

He’s Happier and I’m Happier!

#Kids Paul Mitchell Shampoo jojoandeloise.com

 He no longer Cries or Frets at the thought of

the Shampoo is going to get in his eyes.


#paulmitchell kids baby don't cry shampoo #minimitchman jojoandeloise.com

He’s able to play and once again ENJOY his bath time, hair washing and all!

#kids don't cry shampoo Paul Mitchell jojoandeloise.com

 On a Scale of 1-10. We Happily give Paul Mitchell, Kids Ginormous TEN!!


#MiniMitchMan Kids Paul Mitchell Shampoo #mitchtheman jojoandelosie.com

Independence and Freedom, from Bath time Fits are OVER!!!!

#minimitchman #mitchtheman paul mitchell kids shampoo jojoandeloise.com

 I am now able to wash and comb his hair with ease. And fully STRESS free.

Paul Mitchell Kids shampoo jojoandeloise.com

His little EYES, no longer fear the STINGING and Biting pain, of  shampoo getting into them.


#MiniMitchMan Paul Mitchell Shampoo for kids #MitchtheMan jojoandeloise.com

 I just can’t believe, we have lived without Paul Mitchell Kids, in our lives for SO long.

#minimitchman kids Paul Mitchell shampoo #mitchtheman jojoandeloise.com

Believe it or not! This little guy, now enjoys getting his hair washed. Talk about a major accomplishment. All found in ONE little bottle.


#minimitchman Paul Mitchell kids tearless Shampoo #mitchtheman jojoandeloise.com

So what kind of Shampoo do you use on your little ones?

#minimitchman with Paul Mitchell #kids Shampoo #mitchtheman jojoandeloise.com

If your Struggling like I once was, with a fussy Child and Stubborn hair.


#Kids #minimitchman Paul Mitchell Shampoo #mitchtheman jojoandeloise.com

 You might consider giving Paul Mitchell, Baby Don’t Cry, Kids Shampoo a try.


#minimitchman paul mitchell #mitchtheman kids shampoo jojoaneloise.com

 I am sure you will find the Same Confidence and Freedom we did.

Happy Child, Happy Momma and Happy Hair!!

That’s a Win, Win, if you ask me!

#minimitchman using Paul Mitchell Kids Shampoo #mitchtheman jojoandeloise.com





  1. 1

    He is sooooo darling, Angelina! I could just eat him up! I LOVE the hair and had one curly head out of my four. xo Diana

  2. 3

    I think you have the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. I LOVE his hair!

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