Mother Hacks to save Time with getting children ready for school

Getting children ready for school and out the door can be challenging. It seems that no matter how much you try, you are always racing against the clock.
However, there are some things you can do to ease the hustle and get the kids out the door on time.

Here are some of our favorite hacks and tips.

The night before is almost more important than the morning. It is so important to do everything possible the night before, when you aren’t so pressed for time.
Lunches should always be prepared the night before. Be sure to leave on a shelf in the fridge where the child can reach. Have your child fall into the routine of putting his or her lunch box into their book bag themselves. All clothes should be laid out for the child to wear. Make sure you know if your son or daughter has gym or another elective that they need to be prepared for. Even lay out socks and underwear so there is no searching in the mornings. Again have everything within reach so they can easily get themselves ready in the morning. This puts the burden off of you and gives them the routine and responsibility that they desire. Have breakfast laid out and ready to go the night before. You can even go as far as pouring the milk and juice and leaving the cups in the fridge.
Last but not least make sure the child’s backpack has their homework and everything else they will need for the next day already in there.

Ease into the morning
Of course it will all depends on the demeanor of the child, but for those kids that aren’t exactly morning people help them ease into the new day. Technology has come a very long way and can help you with this routine. You can use “smart lights” that can be set on a timer and will fade in for a specified length of time. Set the lights for 15 minutes before you would normally have them wake up so that at the time they are supposed to be awake the light is on to full brightness. This helps to avoid those cranky mornings of being jolted out of bed. Open the bedroom door so that they can hear you making coffee and watching the news in the other room. Soft music can also be played to help ease them into the day. You know your children best, if your son or daughter is hungry in the morning have their breakfast already on the table for when they come to the table. If they are not usually hungry then let them sleep in a little longer and just rest before rising.

Organization is probably one of the most important steps to preparing kids for school behind preparation Things should be in the same place every day, the children will know where to find them and won’t have to search when they are in a hurry. If you have more than one child make sure their wall hooks are labeled so that they can just grab and go with no mistakes. Everything should be kept in the same place, shoes and jackets should be right by the door. Backpacks and lunches should always be in the same place as well, right by the door so that is the last thing they take before leaving the house.

Follow a Routine
A routine is key for a smooth morning. Children love routine and it will help you to easily adjust to any changes. Make sure that you stick to this routine, you will avoid surprises along the way. Besides, who really likes surprises first thing in the morning anyways? Be sure that you allow your children to do as much as possible on their own. Make everything accessible for them.

Of course every family and every routine is different. The key is to understand how your family operates and adjust that routine accordingly. Always giving into your child’s needs is not good, but sometimes in the morning it is necessary. Find out what stops them from following the routine you have set forth and see if you can correct that. For instance if your child is cold in the morning and does not want to get dressed, put their clothes in the dryer. You can set the dryer for a certain time and have them get dressed when the buzzer goes off. This is great so you don’t constantly have to ask, but they will want to do so quickly to make sure their clothes are still warm.

Nothing is worse than having a morning when everything goes wrong. Following these simple hacks to can provide some early morning peace.