Nevada is the only US state that legalizes sex trade though limited to brothels in counties with less than 400,000 people. Even though this is the case, escort business in Las Vegas is thriving luring many young girls and mothers alike. Being a 24-hour city, the City of Sin makes everyone want to taste what it has on offer.

Las Vegas Escorts have a variety of beautiful ladies. One can easily find their taste in terms of height, skin and eye colors, body types, intelligence, and personalities as well as age and sexual orientations. Some are petite beauties, others big bottoms with large breasts while others are mature – mothers who double up as escorts. Yes, not all escorts in Vegas are young girls. These mothers are aged anywhere from 30 and above and they can be glamorous as you can imagine.
The escorts here specialize in various services ranging from massage to sex. It could be as simple as hanging out with a client, have some few drinks, going for dinner or even going to shows, parties etc. So, not every day that the escorts have to end up in bed with clients. In the end, the client would pay for the time they spend with them. It is usually a generous amount depending on hours spent and the good part is that it is tax-free money.
With the above in mind, you would expect even mothers who are trying to make ends meet to be lured into the trade. An incident in the past, involving three-time Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton who doubled up as one of Las Vegas escorts and a mother reported having been charging her clients $600 per hour. So, if this is the rate to go by, then few mothers who are struggling financially would resist the offer. If one has an apartment to pay, school fees for their children, and putting food on the table then working on a minimum wage and living frugally is not what everyone can manage.
For Suzy’s case, however, money was not what drew her into the business. There are other factors that can make a mother engage in escort business. For instance, family relationship problems or depression can make one to be an escort as a means of breaking away from the routine. One could also enter into escort business mainly driven by their sex drives, lifestyles or influenced by peers.
So, you might want to ask why would clients be attracted by mature escorts or mothers? There are various reasons why clients would prefer mothers over younger escorts. On one hand, some mature middle-age businessmen or professionals might be looking for companionship with someone attractive but not as young as their daughters. Some of the mature escorts in Vegas are seasoned and confident about what they offer. Moreover, this kind of clients can relate with them very well: conversationally and matters to do with life experiences.
On the other hand, there are younger guys might also be looking for a cougar. So, mature escorts in Vegas are not only for the older guys. These young guys want to satisfy their fantasies about being with a MILF. These mothers will unleash their fantasies and give the experience of their lives as long as the boys can afford.
So, how do these mothers cope up with the double life?
On the outside world, no one would ever know what kind of activity that goes on in the life of a mother escort. On one hand, she is a typical mom doing what a mother would do: attend to kids, take them to school, go to parent meetings and so forth. Some even have husbands to take care of. The families know them as the best mommies and wives. For all intent, they fit into a normal mommy resume but with one exception – they keep deep secrets from their families, friends, and neighbors. On the other hand, they work as escorts.
This kind of life has its own challenges. First of all, they will have to be highly secretive to remain invincible because they risk shaming themselves or their families. Some try to use fake profile photos to hide their identity while others use some dummy names. This, however, does not prevent them from the scrutiny of the public eye. You never know who among the hobbyist they have sex with will uncover what they do behind the scene.
Some of the Las Vgas escorts would later reevaluate their choices and make priorities. It will reach a point where they are tired of the double life when parental responsibilities increase or out of conscience and being ashamed of what they are doing.

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