Crafternoon with Flamingo Toes

Hazel and ruby flamingo toes

 Crafternoon with Flamingo Toes I LOVE a good craft anytime any day! I have been eyeballing and LOVING the Crafternoon sets by Hazel & Ruby, on the shelves at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I was even more thrilled when I found out that my friend Beverly from Flamingo Toes had a Holiday Hoop Set being sold. The moment I saw it I knew these two would LOVE to make these mini hoops and give away as gifts to their friends.      The mini hoop set comes with everything needed to create what … [Read more...]

Create Craft Sew Giveaway

> Today I’m over at Skip to My Lou as part of the Bake Craft Sew & Decorate series. I am sharing a Felt Turkey Clip  , these are quick to whip up for holiday gift giving. In fact, you won’t want to miss all the handmade gift ideas! I have joined over 100 bloggers to share some amazing homemade gift ideas……..Plus I get to be part of an amazing sewing giveaway too. See Below… > > > > This is one is sew AMAZING! She is a gem and her name is Rachel. > > > One … [Read more...]

Dress Up Fun with Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Story Book Fun

Dress Up Fun with Mary Poppins When growing up, playing dress up was one of my Favorite things to do. I remember loving the feeling of putting on and becoming another character. Often times my friends and were the Grand Ladies of the social sect and we would gather for tea. Other times we were store owners and librarians. Our little imaginations would takes us to so many fun and exciting places. I think this is where my LOVE for reading came and I am so thankful our girls have that same LOVE … [Read more...]

Safe Catch Tuna

Safe Catch Tuna Mercury Tested Gluten Free Paleo Tuna

Tuna, It's all the same RIGHT?!?! Well why don't we check out why Safe Catch, is the BEST catch for you and your family. I have always LOVED Tuna and thankfully my kids love it too. However the fear of exposing them to high doses of Mercury was not all that appealing and therefore having Tuna became a once in a GREAT while treat that our family would enjoy. That is until we got a hold of SAFE CATCH! Not only do we LOVE it but we find our Friends and Family LOVE it too, so much so … [Read more...]

Fun with Ann Kelle Remix Cotton Fabric

ann kelle toddler cotton knit hoodie with ann kelle remix knit fabric

I cannot even believe that Summer is over and school has already begun. Please tell me, that I am NOT the only one who thinks time has rapidly speed up in these last few years? I honestly don't even know where the weeks and the days have gone, I find myself telling people that I did something last week only to realize, it was actually last month that I did whatever it was I was talking about. Even with time zipping by I am always so thankful for the moments I am able to sit down and sew. Sewing … [Read more...]

Cappellos Grain Free Pasta

1 cappello's paleo pasta gluten free grain free

Cappellos Grain Free Pasta Who doesn't LOVE pasta??? Being married to an Italian (for 20 glorious years and counting) has absolutely NO barring, on why, I have a complete and total LOVE affair, with this Amazing thing we call PASTA. PROMISE!!! The only hard and sad truth about PASTA is that more often then not, PASTA contains GRAINS and GLUTEN. Our family has been Gluten Free for several years now and only a few years of going Grain Free as well. Needless to say are PASTA eating days were … [Read more...]

Fat Face All Natural Skin Care

my fat face summer

Fat Face all natural skin careSummer is here and the time is right, to be putting on your FAT FACE!!!Have you ever considered what your putting on your skin is getting absorbed into your body. For so many years I never thought the SKIN was a vital organ. I just assumed is was just a protective layer that kept harmful things out of our bodies, little did I know that our SKIN was actually a gate way to ALL things absorbed and put on our bodies.PRODUCTS, PRODUCTS and more PRODUCTS!!!! There seems … [Read more...]

We Made It Bread Kit

We made it by jennifer garner bread kit

  We Made It Bread Kit I LOVE the fact that our girls LOVE to Bake and Cook. They thoroughly enjoy flipping through the pages of cookbooks trying to find their next Favorite recipe. With their love creating and trying out new recipes, they equally enjoy sharing them with others. I LOVE being able to buy ready made gift giving kits, especially ones that have more then one use. Joann Fabrics has just recently started carrying this Amazing craft line from Jennifer Garner called, We Made … [Read more...]

We Made It Sun Visor Kit

crafting for kids with we made it

We Made It Sun Visor Kit Summer is in full swing and crafting is a MUST to be keep those little ones busy. I LOVE putting together fun activities for the kids to do and coming up with unique craft projects, but time doesn't always afford me this opportunity. I was so excited to hear that Jennifer Garner came out with her very own KIDS craft line through Joann Fabrics, called We Made It. We Made It by Jennifer Garner has more than 100 durable, high quality choices designed to last as long as … [Read more...]