How to Paint Glass Vases

Paint me #Spring bud vases

  Doesn't that sound LOVELY! To be painted the colors of Spring.   Spring is here and I couldn't be happier. Spring is my most FAVORITE of ALL Seasons. Everything about it makes me LOVE it. New life, Perfect Temperatures, Family Vacations, Planting Gardens and Beautiful Colors. Just the thought of these things, makes me so HAPPY! So how about we do some simple Spring crafting/decorating. I found these Glass Bud Vases at Michaels. With my handy coupon I paid just over $5.     I … [Read more...]

Spring Hop and Giveaway

Its A Spring Thing Recap Image-1

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Have I got some Major FUN for you today! You are going to be out of your mind, Excited for this AMAZING Spring Round Up, along with this OFF the Charts, SUPER HUGE, TOTALLY AWESOME giveaway!! Did you have a chance to keep up with the Spring Thing Party? Well here's a list just in case you missed anything or want to go back and check them out again. Because all of these Projects are just that AWESOME!! I shared these Yummy Gluten Free, Cream Cheese … [Read more...]

50+ Spring Projects

50+ Spring Projects Painting, Crafting, baking

50+ Spring Projects I can't wait for Spring. I absolutely LOVE that time of year. The Temperatures are just right, the air smells Sweet and fresh, Plants are blooming and New life is being born. Spring is TRULY my most favorite time of year! It could also have something to do with the COLORS!! ( I LOVE soft pinks, greens and blues they are right up my alley!) In anticipation of this Spring Season, I thought I would put together some fun and inspiring Spring Projects. I am pretty sure there … [Read more...]

Old Fashioned Paper Sack Treat Bags

DIY old fashioned inspired treat bags using brown paper sack lunch bags jojoandeloise.ocm

Old Fashioned Paper Sack Treat Bags Who doesn't have brown paper sack lunch bags, laying around the house. We have a Gazillion of them. They are perfect for packing that quick snack or lunch, but they are even better to Craft with. Wouldn't you agree? I started out by trimming the top with my Scalloped Scissors. I found these great Valentines inspired Rub Off Transfers at Hobby Lobby. Be sure to fold the top of your bag over, to insure proper placement of your transfers or any other … [Read more...]

Diy Tee Pee Shirt

Diy Tee Pee Shirt I don't know about you, but lately I've been needing  projects that are, Quick and Easy. With kids back in school, that means lots of play dates and extra daily activities, which simply means very LITTLE time. So today I thought I would share how I took an ordinary t-shirt, with a simple Tee Pee drawing and made one ADORABLE little shirt. I am not even going to lie. This project literally took me all of 15 minutes to put together. What you will need is: A basic cotton … [Read more...]

Small Space Shower Curtain Tee Pee


We live in a 3200 sqft house so the last thing I should be sharing is Decorating in Small Spaces. However with a family of Eight Big and Little people, 3200 sqft shrinks awfully quick. We have 4 bedrooms total. 1 Master Bedroom, 1 Boys Room, 1 Girls Room and 1 School Room. ( there is an office that, subs as a Sewing/Craft/Catch All Room :) I am sure like me you have seen the whole Tee Pee trend sweeping the blog world. My girls have been asking me to make them one, I have been reluctant only … [Read more...]

Top 10 Post of 2013

top 10 post #crafts #kids #fashion #recycled #upcycled #target #tpees #tutorial skirt tutorial

 The holidays are almost over and we have only but the Ushering of the New Year, of 2014 left to celebrate. Are you ready to say goodbye to 2013? I must admit, that I wish each year didn't mean growing older. However every New Year, I look forward to all the wonderful possibilities it holds, for me and my family. This past year I have enjoyed sharing Tutorials, Product and Recipe post with you here at JoJo and Eloise. Together with a group of Fabulously talented bloggers we are sharing and … [Read more...]

How to make a Diaper Box Fall Leaf Bunting

Fall leaf bunting using a recycled repurposed diaper box jojoandeloise.com700x500

How to Make a Diaper Box, Fall Leaf Bunting. Do you have Diaper Boxes laying around your house?  Or maybe empty Cereal, Cookie or Packaging Boxes, well don't throw them away!!! I am going to show you how you can take your Discarded pieces of Cardboard and use them for your projects or Crafty Fun with your Kiddos. We always have plenty of Cardboard Boxes lying around house and let me tell you, they have been made into some of the most interesting things. One of the things that we made as of … [Read more...]

Decorating with Gold

Black and Gold accents Industrial design

      Just in case you missed this post that I shared over, At the Picket Fence a few weeks back, here it is now for you to enjoy! You and I both know that, Trends come and go. Some of those Trends are Happily escorted out the Clothing or Decorating door, hopefully never to be seen of again. However, I get so happy when trends that I LOVE, come back into the main stream and especially back into the stores. One of those trends is, GOLD. I have always enjoyed working Gold Accents into our … [Read more...]