Gluten Free Mini Rainbow Muffins

#glutenfree mini rainbow muffins all natural food coloring

Gluten Free Mini Rainbow Muffins Since I believe that everyday should be Bright and filled with  Rainbows, I thought I would share a tasty treat with you. Not only is this treat Beautifully Colorful it is also Gluten Free, thanks to Glutino's Muffin Mix.   The great thing about these Gluten Free Mini Rainbow Muffins is that Glutino has already done most of the work for you and all you need to do is add a splash of COLOR! Our family has been using Chocolate Crafts Kits, All … [Read more...]

The Best Gluten Free and Grain Free Waffles

My paleo Mayo Avocado oil from primal kitchen

The Best Gluten and Grain Free Waffles Are you looking for a Better or even Healthier Breakfast option for you and your family? Well look no further! I shared, The Best Gluten and Grain Free Waffles HERE! These waffles are so Amazing and will have your family begging for more.  There is a Secret ingredient that pushes these waffles to over the top goodness. Any guesses as to what it is?       You can finish off these waffles with your favorite toppings. We enjoy … [Read more...]

Polymer Clay Daisy Flower Rings

spring flower rings tutorial using polymer clay

  I know that some of you are still experiencing COLD temps. So I thought, I would brighten things up a little bit for you. With these Polymer Clay Flower Rings. I didn't have Spring colors on hand, but that was totally okay. Because! Mixing your own colors, is always more fun. Right!?!? We started with one of our Primary Colors and Mixed White into it, until we achieved the desired shade. Start with small pieces of your clay and roll into small individual balls. Press them … [Read more...]

TeeChia Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

teecinos teechia energy cereal breakfast muffins gluten free

TeeChia Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins If you been hanging around here for a while you will know that we LOVE ourselves some Gluten Free desserts and we also love our friends over at Teeccino. Teeccino makes an Amazing Herbal Coffee that will knock your socks off. My husband use to be addicted to the caffeine in coffee and he had was often on the yo-yo ride of trying to quit it. We came across Teeccino in our local Health Food store and gave it a try, he was skeptical at first but was AMAZED … [Read more...]

Paleo Mayo Waffles

Paleo Mayo Waffles using Primal Kitchen Mayo 1

  Paleo Mayo Waffles Give me Waffles, Waffles and more Waffles Please!!! Our children can throw down some serious Waffle eating in this house. Were talking Waffles in the morning, Waffles in the afternoon and Waffles for supper time. Waffles are just something they never get tired of. One of our sons has become the official Waffle maker in the family, he has become the go to guy when we want waffles or want to experiment in making new flavors to enjoy. He has his standard recipe that … [Read more...]

Letting kids Create with We R Memory Keepers

emboss paper with we r memory keepers

Letting Kids Create with We R Memory Keepers I don't know about you but I have some VERY Artsy-Crafty kind of kids. There doesn't seem to be a moment that goes by that I am not calling out one of there names asking if they know where one of my craft tools are. There is no doubt they are using it or have used it within the last few hours or maybe even days. I honestly don't know what it is that makes my crafting supplies so much more interesting and appealing then theirs. I guess it's kind of … [Read more...]

How to make a Pom Pom Sash

#Spring Pom Pom Sash with #marthastewart yarn

Spring is here and I couldn't be happier. Everything about this time of year makes me HAPPY! The colors alone make me want to SING! Spring time tends to bring LOTS of special occasions, like Weddings, Parties, Reunions, Vacations and Family Portraits. The Temperature, Colors and Fresh Blooms make a perfect backdrop for all those Parties.  I thought I would share how to make those events a little bit more Special. With this Pom Pom Sash or Head Wrap. It is SUPER easy and makes quite the … [Read more...]

Polymer Clay Pinwheel Jewelry

Polymer Clay Pinwheel Necklace and other jewerly tutorial

  Who, doesn't absolutely LOVE pinwheels? Everybody, Right?!?! I have made Paper Pinwheels, Fabric Pinwheels and Plastic Pinwheels, but I have always wanted to make clay pinwheels. Our girls LOVE wearing jewelry but they especially LOVE wearing the Jewelry, their Brother makes for them. YES!!! One of our older sons, absolutely LOVES working with Polymer Clay. He is always making something fun,that the whole family gets to enjoy. From toys, special figurines and even jewelry pieces. The girls … [Read more...]

Why Almond Butter is the Healthier Choice

Almond butter with

 Why Almond Butter is the Healthier Choice Nuts, Nuts and more Nuts. Have you ever been at the store and found yourself starring at the huge selection of Nuts and Nut Butters to choose from. I was once a Peanut Butter and Only Peanut Butter type of girl. I didn't realize that the other Nuts that were out there actually offered a wide variety of taste and health benefits. Let's take Almonds for instance, these nuts were seriously on the bottom of my list when it came to personal preference. They … [Read more...]