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Spring Hop and Giveaway

Its A Spring Thing Recap Image-1

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Have I got some Major FUN for you today! You are going to be out of your mind, Excited for this AMAZING Spring Round Up, along with this OFF the Charts, SUPER HUGE, TOTALLY AWESOME giveaway!! Did you have a chance to keep up with the Spring Thing Party? Well here's a list just in case you missed anything or want to go back and check them out again. Because all of these Projects are just that AWESOME!! I shared these Yummy Gluten Free, Cream Cheese … [Read more...]

Polymer Clay Daisy Flower Rings

spring flower rings tutorial using polymer clay

Spring is almost here and I couldn't be happier! I know that some of you are still experiencing COLD temps. So I thought, I would brighten things up a little bit for you. With these Polymer Clay Flower Rings. I didn't have Spring colors on hand, but that was totally okay. Because! Mixing your own colors, is always more fun. Right!?!? We started with one of our Primary Colors and Mixed White into it, until we achieved the desired shade. Start with small pieces of your clay and roll into … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Cream Cheese Cookies

#glutenfree cream cheese #organic sugar cookies

   One of my most FAVORITE things to do is BAKE! I Love baking from scratch and trying out new recipes. However not everyday affords me this opportunity. So I am so thankful for companies, that care about the Quality of their product and also give you that made from Scratch taste. Being Gluten Free means you make a lot of things yourself. But we do have some of our Favorite out of the Box foods. Like Pamela's. Pamela's products are SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Once of our favorites to use on occasion … [Read more...]

Disney Giveaway

  I can't believe that Disney week is coming to an End! It was so much fun partying over at  Bombshell Bling, along with a FABULOUSLY talented group of bloggers. I was so honored that Sarah asked me to participate in this Super Funtastic Disney event.  Just in case you missed the GREEN cuteness I shared for Disney Week, you can check that out HERE Now it is YOUR turn to show off your Disney Side! We want to see all of your Disney posts! Anything and everything celebrating DISNEY, DISNEY, … [Read more...]

How to have a Gluten Free Birthday Party

how to have a succesful Gluten Free Birthday Party

Our family LOVES being, Gluten Free. However there are days, when being Gluten Free, has it's challenges.  One of those Challenges is Birthday Parties and that's, either Going or Hosting one. But when you stop and think about it! It's all virtually the same. Snacks, Drinks, Food, and Cakes. So, Really! The Difficulty and Challenge is sometimes more of our own making. We were getting ready to CELEBRATE our little guys, 4th Birthday. {{SIGH}} He is just growing up so fast. He LOVES Hot … [Read more...]

It’s a #Disneyside Giveaway $150


Hey Everyone!!! Are you a DISNEY lover? Of course you are! Well there is some Serious Disney fun coming you way. It's a Week full of  DISNEY !!! I am so Excited that Sarah from Bombshell Bling invited me to be a part of all the fun. There will be loads of Disney fun and inspiration coming your way.   There is going to be some amazing bloggers that will be sharing  their Disney Sides with you as well this week! Get ready for TWO Disney themed posts a day, along with this AWESOME Disney … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Mock Big Mac

#glutenfree mock mac #organic

The Best, Mock Gluten Free, Big Mac. Okay, Party People! Are you Ready for some SERIOUS, Gluten Free Goodness! Today I am going to share these UH-MAZING, Mock Gluten Free, Big Mac's. When I was younger and even in the beginning of our marriage. We often frequented that oh so Famous, Fast Food Chain with the Golden Arches. You know the one I'm talking about! The one that sits ,on practically every corner in America. When I was little, eating a Big Mac, was just out of the question. Not, … [Read more...]

50+ Spring Projects

50+ Spring Projects Painting, Crafting, baking

50+ Spring Projects I can't wait for Spring. I absolutely LOVE that time of year. The Temperatures are just right, the air smells Sweet and fresh, Plants are blooming and New life is being born. Spring is TRULY my most favorite time of year! It could also have something to do with the COLORS!! ( I LOVE soft pinks, greens and blues they are right up my alley!) In anticipation of this Spring Season, I thought I would put together some fun and inspiring Spring Projects. I am pretty sure there … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Chocolate Pecan Bread

#GlutenFree Chocolate and pecan bread using glutinos Sandwich Bread in a box

 Gluten Free Chocolate Pecan Bread. Who doesn't LOVE bread? I am a HUGE bread LOVER. I could Seriously eat Loaf upon Loaf, if given half the chance. I am particularly fond of bread that is HOT out of the oven. However!! Most breads contain that Bothersome thing called GLUTEN!!! That being said,  I am so VERY thankful for Brands like, Glutino that have made Bread making so EASY and Simple.    Following the packages instructions, we added some of our own YUMMY ingredients, to this … [Read more...]