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A Holiday Desert Wreath

Winter Desert Wreath

When you find yourself living in the middle of the Desert, it can be quite difficult to get yourself into mood and the feel of the Holiday Season. While the rest of the Country is sipping Hot Cocoa, Bundling Up and getting Cozy by the fire. We find ourselves in 80+ degree weather drinking Ice Tea, Wearing Flip Flops and turning on Fans. But then you find yourself looking around at the Pepper Treas that abound, the Shrub Brush and think to yourself... A Holiday Desert Wreath is in order. So … [Read more...]

Udi’s GF Holiday Pizza


Being Gluten Free isn't always easy but it can prove to be even more of a challenge when you have little ones that have to be on GF diets. We are so thankful for companies like Udi's that make being GF just that much easier. They offer a wide variety of TASTY products that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters! Udi's Pizza Crust is one of our sons favorites however just like most of you he uses it to make, PIZZA!!! So how was I going to make this into something holiday-ish. Then it … [Read more...]

Christmas Busy Apron for Kids

kids holiday busy Apron

Christmas Busy Apron for Kids. The Holidays are here and that means lots of planning, hosting, partying and visiting with family and friends. I have found that the Kids even though excited for all these events and outings, still find themselves looking for something to do.  I came up with the PERFECT fix to Holiday Boredom. It's a Christmas Holiday Busy Apron for Kids. It is SO easy and quick to put together you can make some for your little one's and some to giveaway as gifts. I … [Read more...]

Chemically Free Holiday with Branch Basics

Take aim with Branch Basics

Chemically Free Holiday with Branch Basics. Every day of the year our Kitchen is always bustling with Cooking, Baking and of course LOTS of Cleaning. However during the Holiday Season the Kitchen becomes quite similar to that of Grand Central Station. There is so much Hustle and Bustle it is often very difficult to keep up on who's making or cooking what dish. Messes begin to mount up like the there's no tomorrow and let me just say, that the Kitchen floor is anything but pretty to look at. … [Read more...]

Holiday Style with Isabel Garreton

Holiday Style isabel garreton

  Holiday Style with Isabel Garreton. A Dress, Is A Dress, Is A Dress... RIGHT!?!?!?! Well, not necessarily! A Dress is certainly a Dress, there is no denying that. However, I have come to find that there is more to a dress than just the name. Creating Style, Beauty, Quality and Meaning, is what Isabel Garreton is all about. Her special occasion and timeless beauty dresses draw you in at first sight. I was given the opportunity to review one of Isabel Garreton's Holiday Style Dresses and I … [Read more...]

Home Goods Table Runner Purse

Home Goods Table Runner turned Christmas bag

Home Goods Table Runner Purse. If you have been following my blog for awhile you know that I LOVE taking everyday items and making them into something FUN and EXCITING! While shopping at Home Goods I came across this Adorable table runner. I wasn't in the market for a new Holiday Table Runner. However! I was in the market for a New and Cute Holiday Purse. What is great about this Home Goods Table Runner is that both ends have this Ribbon Tree on it. So I was getting TWO bags out this. One for … [Read more...]

Earthpaste All Natural Toothpaste

All natural safe toothpaste for Adult and Kids

Earthpaste All Natural Toothpaste. Our family LOVES using EarthPaste, it is safe for the whole entire family. I don't have to buy separate tubes of toothpaste from the littlest to biggest ones in our family. Each member is able to grab their Earthpaste and use it with confidence, knowing that it's ingredients are not only ALL NATURAL but they are actually good for you. Earthpaste uses hydrated Redmond Clay  essential oils, Real Salt, and xylitol. And that’s it. Earthpaste’s list of … [Read more...]

Growing and Nurting a Creative Spirit

let your children dream

Growing and Nurturing a Creative Spirit within your children. "Our children are like flowers in our Gardens" This couldn't be any more true. They are beautiful, fragrant, Lovely and each so very unique. Last Sunday after church this little one grabbed this basket and ran outside to gather flowers, twigs and leaves. With a joyful heart she asked if I could take pictures while she showed everyone how to make these simple floral necklaces. The, "EVERYONE" was all those here that follow my blog … [Read more...]

Fall and Winter with Chasing Fireflies

holiday traditons with chasing fireflies

Fall and Winter with Chasing fireflies. Last year I had the great opportunity to work with Chasing Fireflies to promote their Holiday Traditions Campaign. The kids LOVED wearing and cozy up with their Personalized Pajamas. Those Pajamas have been worn throughout the Entire year. No Joke!!! They have gotten more of their fare share of use out of them and I am so AMAZED out how well they have held up. This little guy not only wears his Pajamas to bed but when we go out and about! He … [Read more...]