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Udi’s and Pizza Hut Coming Together

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I was compensated for my travel, expenses and given product and gift cards, in exchange for my honest write up and opinion. All thoughts and words spoken are 100% my own. Have you heard the word on the street? Udi's and Pizza Hut are getting married! Okay, not really but that's surely what it feels like. I couldn't be happier for this Awesome collaboration. Pizza Hut is a well known fast food industry and Udi's is one of the TOP selling and most TRUSTED Gluten Free brands in the GF community. I … [Read more...]

Winter Inspired BridesMaid Dress

Meet me in st louis movie

Putting together a Winter Bridesmaid themed ensemble with Lover.ly I am such a Sentimental kind of a girl, ever since I can remember I have LOVED watching old movies. So much so I used to REALLY think I was born in the wrong era. Nowadays I just sorta, kinda think that, LOL!! I guess you can say I have become accustomed to some things, like the Internet and Smartphones. Winter Weddings have always been a favorite of mine, there is just something  so very Special about them . I can't … [Read more...]

Organic Mushroom Pizza Bites

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Organic Mushroom Pizza Bites! There was ONCE a day that I couldn't stand Mushrooms. I'm talking about seriously Hating these things. Then there came a day, I was pregnant with our second child and it was like a Mushroom Light switch was turned on. My MIL was in here Kitchen sauteing Mushrooms in Butter to put on top of my husbands steak. They looked strangely delicious and I quickly grabbed a bite while no one was looking. And, that's when it all happened. I was in LOVE for days it was … [Read more...]

Cut it Out Frames

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Cut it out Frames Christmas may have come and gone but WINTER is still here. Do you have a hard time like me, transitioning from Christmas to Winter? I feel like Winter comes and goes so quickly because Christmas is so close to Thanksgiving and These two Holidays seem to determine the Seasons. Once Thanksgiving is over that means FALL is over and once Christmas is over that means WINTER is over. But the truth of the matter is that those Seasons are still in play even when those Holidays have … [Read more...]

Treasured By Holly Knitted Hat

Treasured by holly handmade comfort jojoandeloise.com

Treasured by Holly Knitted Hat. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and hang out with Holly from Treasured by Holly. She is just about as SWEET and GENUINE as they come. Also, did I mention incredibly FUNNY too!! Holly has the beautiful talent of Crocheting and Knitting. She is always amazing me with her talent and BEAUTIFUL creations. I seriously want to camp out at her house for a weekend and glean any bits I could from her. I have been a follower of Holly's on Instagram for some time … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie Bagels

Gluten Free Udi's Pumpkin pie bagels jojoandeloise.com

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie Bagels. It's a matched made in heaven! Pumpkin Pie and Bagels, you couldn't go wrong. I am a Huge Fan of Udi's and I was thrilled when asked if I would like to participate in there #EatDrinkBeMerry campaign. I was sent some products to try out and review. Of course they didn't have to ask me twice. One of the items that I was sent was BAGELS. Our family LOVES Udi's Gluten Free Bagels and dressing them up is our specialty. You might remember our Gourmet Gluten Free Pizza … [Read more...]

Season Your Holidays with Real Salt

seasoning your holidays with Real Salt jojoandeloise.com

Season Your Holidays with Real Salt. Having a house full of Hungry Holiday guest can be a bit on the Stressful side, especially when you may be overly concerned with thinking whether or not they will even enjoy eating what you have been slaving in the kitchen for. Your Holiday Meal! Instead of having your guest stare aimlessly at their food, and wonder where the flavor is, and possibly even CRY over their bland food and begin to think they should of just ordered take out! Okay, so maybe … [Read more...]

World Market Kitchen Towel turned Apron

world market  kitchen napkin apron jojoandeloise.com

World Market Kitchen Towel turned Apron. I Love World Markets Kitchen Towel, they have some of the Cutest and most Stylish designs. I fell absolutely in LOVE with this Adorable Kitchen Towel from there. I wasn't sure that I was wanting to use it in the kitchen exclusively. It was just way too CUTE not to make it into something wearable like an Apron! It is so VERY simple. I was so happy to find in my Fabric stash this coordinating fabric from  Jo-Anns. I cut Pieces for a Waistband and … [Read more...]

Square Trade the gift that gives back

make the trade square this year with squaretrade.com jojoandeloise.com

Square Trade, the gift that gives back! We have ALL been there, at least ONCE in our the History of Cell Phone Ownership. You buy a brand new phone and you think this time, you are going to purchase a FULL proof case and cover that protects from the most brutal falls or even from those accidental water submersion. You panic at first while you'll frantically try to remember if you have insurance. Quickly the panic ceases as you remember that you indeed purchased  the carriers Insurance plan. The … [Read more...]