Polymer Clay Pinwheel Jewelry

Polymer Clay Pinwheel Necklace and other jewerly tutorial jojoandeloise.com

  Who, doesn't absolutely LOVE pinwheels? Everybody, Right?!?! I have made Paper Pinwheels, Fabric Pinwheels and Plastic Pinwheels, but I have always wanted to make clay pinwheels. Our girls LOVE wearing jewelry but they especially LOVE wearing the Jewelry, their Brother makes for them. YES!!! One of our older sons, absolutely LOVES working with Polymer Clay. He is always making something fun,that the whole family gets to enjoy. From toys, special figurines and even jewelry pieces. The girls … [Read more...]

Why Almond Butter is the Healthier Choice

Almond butter with nuts.com jojoandeloise.com

 Why Almond Butter is the Healthier Choice Nuts, Nuts and more Nuts. Have you ever been at the store and found yourself starring at the huge selection of Nuts and Nut Butters to choose from. I was once a Peanut Butter and Only Peanut Butter type of girl. I didn't realize that the other Nuts that were out there actually offered a wide variety of taste and health benefits. Let's take Almonds for instance, these nuts were seriously on the bottom of my list when it came to personal preference. They … [Read more...]

Send Me Gluten Free

send me gluten free boxes jojoandeloise.com

Send Me Gluten Free I am all about trying new things, how about you?  Especially when those new things are delivered straight to your door. Our family has been Gluten Free for several years now and it seems like there are new GF products being introduced each and every day. More and more companies are seeing the growing need to provide and come up with new GF products for individuals and families to enjoy. Although we are somewhat old in the GF department, we are still discovering new … [Read more...]

Teeccino Herbal Coffee Paleo Gluten Free Frapp

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Teeccino Herbal Coffee Paleo Gluten Free Frapp. You may probably already know this, but our family LOVES Teeccino. It's Herbal, Caffeine Free Coffee. Really! Does it get any better then that. With the days warming up around here, cold drinks are beginning to make their seasonal appearance. Teeccino can be brewed just like standard coffee in your coffee maker. Teeccino also offers a TEA BAG brew. It is so convenient and can be made on the go. The taste is the same and gives you a nice … [Read more...]

Filet My Fish Gluten Free with Udi’s Hamburger Buns

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Filet My Fish Gluten Free with Udi's Hamburger Buns Sometimes life calls for things we once enjoyed and unfortunately for some of us can no longer have.  That is unless you are able to take it and make it Gluten Free! Back in our much DISTANT past, we use to frequent the establishment that is known for it's very recognizable ARCHES that seem to be on EVERY corner of every city town. I personally had a few favorite Sandwiches that I would often get, but there was one in particular that I LOVED … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Children’s Vitamins and Vitamin Angels

Smarty Pants Gluten Free Kids Childrens Vitamins jojoandeloise.com

Gluten Free Children's Vitamins and Vitamin Angels Vitamins, Vitamins and MORE Vitamins. UGHHHH!!! Can someone please help me!!! I am sure you have seen, just like I have, the overflowing shelves of Vitamins at your local health food and grocery stores. It can be overwhelming when you are standing there and each Bottle claims to be the best value and one of the TOP contenders in the world of Supplements. I don't know about you, but when we first started this health food journey as a family, … [Read more...]

Having fun with We R Memory Keepers

we r memory keepers paper crafting jojoandeloise.com

Having fun with We R Memory Keepers There doesn't seem to be a day that goes by where we are not crafting and creating as a family. I was so thrilled when I got the opportunity to work with We R Memory Keepers. It seemed like such a natural fit and we were excited to see what kind of fun we could have. Our girls were the first ones to jump right in and get started with trying out all the fun gadgets and gizmos it comes with. They were especially excited to try out the Letter Embossing … [Read more...]

Make It Paleo II Chocolate Mousse

Paleo Chocolate Mousse gluten free grain free jojoandeloise.com

Make It Paleo II Chocolate Mousse Okay People!! I am going to be TOTALLY honest here, when I say that I am NOT a big user or buyer of cookbooks. I have on occasion grabbed a cookbook or two just because everyone else in world seemed to be ( yes I'll admit on occasion I have been known to be a follower) or the pictures were so good darn good, that I swore the moment I got home they were just going to jump off the page and fill my hungry belly. What has since happened to those cookbooks you ask?? … [Read more...]

Isabel Garreton Spring Dress

Spring dress for girls handmade heirloom quality jojoandeloise.com

Isabel Garreton Spring Dress I am not sure about you, but I am SO ready for Spring and can't wait for all the beautiful flowers as well as the fresh and crisp Spring air. Ever since I was a little girl Spring meant there was brand new Easter Dress coming my way. I always looked forward to this dress and couldn't wait to wear it to Church with my shiny new shoes and brand new ruffled socks. Though I probably more often then not had scuffed knees and bruised legs, ( I played hard when I was a … [Read more...]