Diy Hot air ballon applique
#glutenfree Glutino muffin mix carrot cake
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Gourmet Gluten Free Pizza Bagels

#GlutenFree How to make Gourmet Pizza Bagels

Gourmet, Gluten Free, Pizza Bagels. Are you a Pizza Lover? I would venture to guess, your answer was a big, "UH-YEAH!!!" I have some Kiddos, in this family of ours, that would eat pizza, morning, noon and night, if they could. Pizza isn't one of those things, we have the Luxury to call out for. There is NO, let's order Pizza tonight, for this family. The reason Mainly being, is because your Standard Pizza's contain, Gluten. And, let's face it! There Really isn't anything better than … [Read more...]

How to make Polymer Clay Jewelry

how to make HEART shaped jewelry out of polymer clay

 How to make Polymer Clay Jewelry. I LOVE jewelry and so do my girls. However, it can get a bit on the expensive side with so many girls in the house. Polymer Clay is a FANTASTIC alternative. You can Virtually make just about any style or design of your choosing. Thankfully I have a Son and the girls have a Brother, who LOVES working with Polymer Clay. So getting him to make Jewelry for us is pretty easy.    You will need Polymer Clay, Jewelry pieces (ring bases, earring post and chain … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Valentines and Printable

#glutenfree Valentines Day Glutino Brownies in a Jar and Printable

Gluten Free Valentines and Printable. WOW!!! I can't believe that, Valentines Day is right around the corner. Do you have any special plans? These days Valentines looks a little bit different for us. We look for ways to incorporate our Gluten Free living into this Special Day. Our kids LOVE Glutinos, Gluten Free, Double Chocolate, Brownie Mix. They especially LOVE it, when I make them, HEART shaped Brownie Bites. Following the instructions on the package, I just add my batter into a piping … [Read more...]

Chicken Salad in Dragon Fruit Bowls

#organic dragon fruit bowls

  Chicken Salad in Dragon Fruit Bowls. WOW!! Let me tell you, it's been quite the eventful (sick) week at our house. We have had a bout of the Stomach Flu going around. SERIOUSLY! No, fun people. I am glad to say that I am finally over it, though my stomach is still uneasy at times. (my poor husband is the last to fall :( Well, onto more fun and EXCITING news! There is a FABULOUS Valentines Blog hop going on, with a Wonderfully talented group of bloggers. So hop around and check out ALL … [Read more...]

JCPenney Baby Style

#baby #JCPstyle

JCPenney Baby Style Don't you just LOVE baby clothes? I know I do! So many times I wish that their stuff came in my size. Though I am sure it wouldn't look as Cute on me as it does on those Sweet little Babies. I have been enjoying shopping at JCPenney lately. It's one of those stores that I have just recently RE-DISCOVERED. JCPenney was typically not on my Go To list, for my clothes shopping needs. But I am so glad to have been reintroduced. The CUTENESS that is available is just about … [Read more...]

Old Fashioned Paper Sack Treat Bags

DIY old fashioned inspired treat bags using brown paper sack lunch bags jojoandeloise.ocm

Old Fashioned Paper Sack Treat Bags Who doesn't have brown paper sack lunch bags, laying around the house. We have a Gazillion of them. They are perfect for packing that quick snack or lunch, but they are even better to Craft with. Wouldn't you agree? I started out by trimming the top with my Scalloped Scissors. I found these great Valentines inspired Rub Off Transfers at Hobby Lobby. Be sure to fold the top of your bag over, to insure proper placement of your transfers or any other … [Read more...]

Valentines Camera Wrist Strap

#valentines day camera wrist strap

Hello Blogging Friends! Do you follow me on Instagram? Well if you like what you see here. Yes! I am talking about this, Beautiful Valentine Inspired, Camera Wrist Strap. Your going to want to connect with me on Instagram. I will be hosting a Special Valentines Giveaway for my IG friends and followers. So hurry on up and get connected with me, HERE! If your coming over from my blog be sure to say Hello! Hope to See you Soon! … [Read more...]

Glutino Gluten Free English Muffins

glutino english muffins #glutenfree #gf

Glutino Gluten Free English Muffins I have a confession to make. I am and NEVER have been a Breakfast person. Okay, so I occasionally like a breakfast now and again. But, if I had my choice I would have Lunch and Dinner as the MAIN meals. Breakfast, however is the MOST important meal of the day. So whether I like it or not, I have to eat it. Most days my Breakfast consist of Kombucha, Green Smoothies, Yogurt with Organic Berries, hard boiled eggs or the Occasional, traditional Breakfast … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats, Hearts

#glutenfree rice krispie treats hearts

Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats, Hearts Who doesn't LOVE, Rice Krispie Treats! Okay maybe there are some Crazy people out there who don't. However those beloved treats aren't necessarily edible for everyone. Food allergies or intolerance's make them only a distant memory for most people. So today I am going to show you, how to make a Gluten Free version, of those Classic Rice Krispie Treats we have all come to LOVE! First your going to want to start out with a Gluten Free Puffed Rice … [Read more...]