Under Construction Part 5… Cabinets


Here is  a Sneak Peek of the some of my new Fabric Cabinets for my Sewing Room And... YES!!!! They are going to get painted with Annie Sloans Chalk Paint... I am so EXCITED!!! Because I have been wanting to try these paints out for some time now and I thought this would be the Perfect opportunity to do just that  They will first get painted with Versailles then Old White, Waxed and then Antiqued ( I am waiting for my Dark Wax to arrive )... Meanwhile the Building Goes on... … [Read more...]

Under Construction Part 4…. Paint Colors


COLOR Matters Well I have Successfully painted my walls 4 DIFFERENT times.. I was wanting that PERFECT shade of Olive(y) Green... You know... The color that exist in your head but not necessarily in a paint can Here is Part of the wall that has Primer on the Left and then a two different shades of Green... The Green on the left has more Yellow in it and the Green on the right ( I don't know if you can see it ) but anyways that is the Green I FINALLY settled on... The other Greens are … [Read more...]

Some New Fabric….


Here is some new fabric that I recently got... And to say that I LOVE it would be an Understatement... It is called... Fly a Kite by October Afternoon with Riley Blake Designs     I couldn't wait to make something FUN with this fabric...   So I will be showing it to you VERY soon!!!   … [Read more...]

Under Construction…Part 3


Okay this was actually a step that we did before we primed the walls... It has been a bit on the CRAZY side here as we HURRY to get this job done... We marked out the center of the room and using a 16x16 tile square we had on hand we traced it out using that as are starting mark and template we did a few more with the tile and the rest were made using a Ruler that way we could get more squares done quickly.. After all the squares were finished we taped off on the outside of the squares … [Read more...]

Sew-Crafty Tuesday #11….. And Features


Happy Tuesday to you.... Wow there were some REALLY amazing link ups.... Gosh I think Every Week is Really Amazing!!!! I LOVED how Michelle over at.... A Pinch of Prim decorated this table And how about this REALLY creative way to share the reasons why you LOVE the special person or persons in your life... Made by Tonia at The Gunny Sack Oh and I LOVE this Sweet idea from Homespun with Love If you are wanting another idea and way to package up some Sweet little gifts... … [Read more...]

Under Construction… Part2


I just wanted to stop in and let you know that the walls are Primed and Ready to Paint... If your wondering what all those Cords are that are taped to the door frame... Those are the Lifeline to my keeping connected to the Internet World.... :) We are on Satellite out where we live... Well I am off to Paint these White Walls... Hope to see you tomorrow at Sew-Crafty Tuesday … [Read more...]

Under Construction…..


Half of our house is Packed and in Boxes as we wait and prepare to sell our house all the while I am still trying to run my business... As I get more and more busy I am finding that getting and staying organized would be PRUDENT and VERY wise... So we are in the middle of transforming one of our Living Rooms into my new Sewing Room... RIPPING out carpet was first on our list...   Oh you might be wondering why there is that Bright Blue Paint on the wall... Well that is the wall for a … [Read more...]

Ruby Jean meets Emily Taylor of Emily Taylor Design


Okay I don't think it's any Secret that I am a HUGE Riley Blake Fan!!! So when I was asked to Sew for Designer Emily Taylor I answered with an emphatic... YES!!!! Emily has a Brand New Fabric Line coming out that is BEAUTIFUL!!! Cutting into fabric is something I do on a DAILY basis... But when you are given a Brand New Fabric that hasn't hit the Shelves yet...Well lets just say I was a bit on the nervous side... I told Emily that I stared at the Fabric for almost 20 minutes before I cut … [Read more...]

From My Valentine…


So yesterday was Valentines Day!!! I actually had forgotten that it was even going to be Valentines Day until I was reminded by MANY bloggers... This Day is just like any other day to my Husband and I... Because EVERY day is a DAY of  LOVE for us... Every Day is treated Precious, Sweet and FULL of LOVE!! Special Things are done like Leaving Notes on Pillows, Gifts Hidden just Because, Special Meals Made to just show the other how much they are LOVED... So Valentines Day is an EVERY day … [Read more...]