Fun with Ann Kelle Remix Cotton Fabric

ann kelle toddler cotton knit hoodie with ann kelle remix knit fabric

I cannot even believe that Summer is over and school has already begun. Please tell me, that I am NOT the only one who thinks time has rapidly speed up in these last few years? I honestly don't even know where the weeks and the days have gone, I find myself telling people that I did something last week only to realize, it was actually last month that I did whatever it was I was talking about. Even with time zipping by I am always so thankful for the moments I am able to sit down and sew. Sewing … [Read more...]

How to Paint Concrete Floors… Pink & White Checkered

How to paint concete floors

Most of you remember that this room started out with Carpet on it ( Here ) . We took the Carpet out and Swept, Scraped and Cleaned the floor. You can buy different products that will remove any Glue or Residue left behind. We actually were Blessed to not have to do much of that, we pretty much had a clean slate... After all the preparation for the floor was complete I put a coat of Concrete Primer down.  After the Primer dried, (be sure to follow the instructions for whatever primer you use ) I … [Read more...]

Some New Fabric….


Here is some new fabric that I recently got... And to say that I LOVE it would be an Understatement... It is called... Fly a Kite by October Afternoon with Riley Blake Designs     I couldn't wait to make something FUN with this fabric...   So I will be showing it to you VERY soon!!!   … [Read more...]

Apron`ology Feature…. Simply Tweet


This is Apron #3 that was featured in Apron`ology  if you missed the other two you can go Here and Here This Apron is... Simply Tweet Each Apron is Appliqued and Hand Embroidered This one is just.... Linking Up Here … [Read more...]

Apron`ology Feature #2….. The Bee’s Knees


This is the 2nd Apron Featured in Apron`ology  if you missed the First one you can see it HERE I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color combination of this Apron It has SPRING written all over it... That's why it is.... And... of course we can NEVER EVER forget those Pretty Little Apron Strings The Pattern for this will also be available soon … [Read more...]

Apron~ology Feature… Bumble My Bee…


I was Thrilled when I was asked to send in some of my Aprons to Apron~ology... then I was even MORE thrilled when I found out that they were ALL going to be in the Magazine... Four of them that is... :) This is one of the Aprons featured... I will be posting on them individually Bumble My Bee   I designed each Apron and then Appliqued and Hand Embroidered it Aprons are one of my FAVORITE things to make and wear   But... Not only do I LOVE wearing them... Our … [Read more...]

DIY Dish Towel Skirt….


I was on the HUNT for some RED items needed for another photo shoot... And... Of course where do you go when you need FUN and CUTE things at a DECENT price...?? You go to... Home Goods I didn't go out Looking or Needing dish towel's ( I was looking for Dishes ) But if your at Home Goods going down EVERY isle is a MUST!!!! And the moment I saw these ADORABLE Dish Towels I new INSTANTLY what I wanted  to do with them... That is if I could find enough.. I FRANTICALLY began digging through … [Read more...]

Custom Yellow Ruffled Apron……

white and yellow ruffled apron

One of the Custom Aprons I have been working on...     … [Read more...]

Going To The Circus…


Pin It Sewing Is What I LOVE to do... And... When there is a Competition or Challenge it makes it that much more FUN!!! Pin It This Challenge came from Project Run and Play... The Junebug Dress Remix Pin It The moment I came across this ADORABLE Pink & White Striped fabric by....   Cabbages & Roses for Moda I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it... I was going to use for the Junebug Remix Because I had to make a MUCH bigger size I chose to … [Read more...]